“We looked for the strength to continue in the eyes of others”


Tears in Asturias

Tears in Asturias

The head of the intensive care unit of the Gregorio Marañón Hospital Madrid and the private group HM, the doctor Jose Eugenio Guerrero Sanz, has given voice to distinguished Spanish health workers with the Princess of Asturias award de la Concordia for having been on the front line against Covid-19.

Remembering Unanumo, Dr. Guerrero has pointed out that the award represents recognition to all those who build daily life anonymously, without the name appearing anywhere, but that all of them are the “true protagonists of history”.

After ensuring that the history of 2020 will be marked by the worst health crisis that the world has faced in the 21st century, this intensitivist doctor who was in the front line of battle in the fight against the coronavirus in Madrid has influenced that This pandemic will also change our way of life and force “to face an uncertain future”.

However, he has indicated that it has also served to learn important lessons, which have allowed “recover essential values” and that they have reminded that “it is difficult to understand the word concord if it is not linked to that of solidarity.”

“A pandemic that brought us and brings so much suffering, pain, dehumanization and death, has also reminded us that harmony is only obtained with the effort of all through solidarity, “he stressed to less than fifty authorities who have followed the delivery of these awards from the old chapel of the Hotel de la Reconquista, an act restricted and without public due to the pandemic.

According to Dr. Guerrero, the “terrible days of this spring” were overcome by working together and united by different levels of public and private health, with the support of companies and organizations and the help of the State security forces, and as health workers , they fought “for life, to relieve, to restore hope in uncertain moments.

After acknowledging that “there was discouragement, infinite fatigue, tears and fear”, he pointed out that they always got up again “because giving up was not an option” and that, although they were never heroes, they did do their job the best they knew how and could, aware that they shared “a common destiny with all of society and that in the fight against the virus it was not possible to expect miracles, only work was worth it, dedication and effort, beyond any limit “.

“We were not heroes. Or maybe we all were. Because in the face of a pandemic that forced us to distance ourselves, we knew how to break the barrier and find a meeting point and at 8 o’clock in the afternoon, every day, we went out to applaud life, to look for the strength to continue in the eyes of others. forward, knowing that we were not alone, “he said in the presence of the kings.

At this point, he assured that with this pandemic it has also been learned that “a good health system offers security in times of uncertainty and it provides stability and social peace, essential to face a crisis “like the one that continues to be experienced.

Finally, he had words of remembrance for the health workers who died in their fight against Covid-19, men and women who dedicated their lives to taking care of other lives and who lthey took their generosity and commitment to the extreme.

Precisely, among the health workers that this Friday have come to Oviedo to collect this award was Teresa López Pernía, mother of Sara Bravo, a family doctor from the Mota del Cuevo health center (Cuenca) who, at the age of 28, lost her life treating patients with covid-19. The woman couldn’t help crying.

Along with her, two pulmonologists, a pharmacist, a specialist in internal medicine, a nurse in a nursing home, a worker at the ICU of the Central Hospital of Asturias and the director of Nursing from the same center, a health emergency technician, a nursing assistant, an imaging technician for diagnosis, a cleaner, and an MIR completed the representation of the health workers on behalf of all their colleagues.

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