“We need an autonomous law for metropolitan areas because the current challenges go beyond the local scale”


Ximo Puig:

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Ximo Puig:

“We cannot go from the open cosmopolis to the claustropolis, the tower city, closed, without a face or human scale.” The president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, relies on these words to create a law for metropolitan areas that reduces inequalities between cities and their surroundings and within the cities themselves. This was announced at the international seminar on metropolitan governance in Europe, organized by the Prospect CV 2030 Chair of the University of Valencia.

“We need an autonomous law for metropolitan areas because the current challenges go beyond the local scale” expressed Puig before explaining that he has entrusted this task to the Department of Territorial Policy led by Arcadi Spain. The president advocates looking for “new forms of governance, inclusive forms” that reduce inequalities such as “social wages, access to services, transportation, electricity, lack of gender vision. We must model cities that tear down mental walls and extend bridges with everything their environment “, he indicated in his speech.

According to the United Nations, 77% of the population will live in cities in 2050 and this marks new governance challenges. “We are witnessing a transition towards urban societies, which will be one of the most important transitions in history. It is necessary to overcome the municipal border with new structuring and governance mechanisms,” said the president, who indicates that “the administrative city is one and the real city is another and we need to build bridges between the feeling of the people and the city, in social policies, inclusive policies, adaptation to climate change “.

For the head of the Consell, “urban regions are a real, living metropolitan agenda that presents greater efficiency and coherence”, which means a different way of governing, adapted to the European environment and that comes from the concept of municipality as a watertight compartment, understanding the connections between the realms. “To bet with determination for a metropolitan agenda that places us in the first line of convergence is to bet on an integrated, coordinated vision, from the point of view of co-governance”, concluded the president.


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