We need to unite in this good energy, or there’s no other way

We need to unite in this good energy, or there's no other way

FIRST, CALM We are in need of peace. Happiness has always been a topic we needed to talk about, but there was a taboo. Looking inside, finding the middle way, getting to know each other, looking for happiness in the little things, everything is interconnected, only in the madness of everyday life it passed far from our focus.

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MANDATORY STOP I joke that we used to say: “Where is this world going to end?”. And the world stopped. We saw how we are one. There is this humanity that unites us. When we were forced to stay inside the house, inside us, the look also turned inward, more attentive.

IMPORTANCE OF LISTENING We are constantly evolving. After so much time on television, I wanted to provoke reflections. This is the time to talk about the things of the mind, this is the time to listen. I learn a lot by listening to the stories of others.

NOTHING IN CONTROL Life is movement, it is action. We are living here, this moment, now, and soon we will be living something else. This moment is unique, we have to take advantage. No problem that the moment asks for adaptations, we make the adaptations. But we can recognize that nothing is by chance.

LOOK AT THE OTHER Prejudices, judgments, inequalities, problems, everything was more exposed. What do we do at this moment? Will everything be the same as it was before? From a more privileged place, why not look around, look at the other? We can try to help, collaborate, each one gives what he can. What does not work is the culture of hate.

VULNERABILITY ACCEPTED There is criticism, there is a lack of respect, there is a culture of hatred. But there is also the other side. There is a huge number of people wanting peace, wanting good things. When people are exposed, they are vulnerable. But I’m pretty sure that when you’re vulnerable, good things happen. I believe in that a lot.

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ATTENTIVE EARS If our channel is open to learn, we learn from everyone. If we go without judgment, with empathy, everyday life brings learning.

LEGACY AND RETRIBUTION Life gave me a love story. THE That simple it’s me trying to repay a little bit. If I manage to reflect a person who is experiencing a dilemma similar to what we are showing in the program, I will be happy.

HAPPY REVIEW Before, looking inside was a namaste chat, from that Zen guy… Today it is a necessary conversation. We realize that it does well and can inspire others. There’s no other way. Either we come together in this good energy of helping one another, of looking to the side and not of the navel itself, or there is no other way. But the awakening is happening. I am a person of faith. I prefer to believe, I want to believe and I believe that we are going through a very special moment and ten years from now we will be happy, because we will say: “We walk, even if it is a little bit”.

Angélica: “Either we get together or there's no other way”

© João Miguel Jr./Globo/Divulgação
Angélica: “Either we get together or there’s no other way”

Angelica he meditates every day and uses a good cup of tea when he needs to return to serenity. From next Saturday (10), she will share on Globo’s Simples Simples program, her discoveries in the search for happiness. It is in the episode Learn to Look Inside, from the podcast Jornada da calma.

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Published in VEJA São Paulo on October 14, 2020, edition nº 2708


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