we spend more time with the children

we spend more time with the children

Dads who are part of their children’s day tend to experience fewer depressive symptoms. This was reported by a study conducted at California State University, which involved more than 800 men who became fathers for at least a month. The researchers focused on three factors: the time that fathers spend with their babies, parenting ability and self-efficacy, and material support for the child.

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The research team monitored the participants at regular intervals: one month, six months and 12 months after the baby was born. It was found that fathers who spent more time with their babies from their birth were less likely to experience depressive symptoms after a year.

“We found that men who were most involved in their children’s lives shortly after their birth were less likely to be depressed about a year later,” confirmed Dr. Olajide N. Bamishigbin Jr., head of the research.

Parental capacity is considered an important factor because it is directly linked to a condition of lesser concern on the part of the parent towards the child.

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“The more involved fathers feel more competent and more satisfied from a parental point of view,” added the expert. “This, in the long run, can help lower the risk of depression.”

The researchers advise various governments to introduce better conditions and opportunities for fathers by revisiting the rules on paternity leave.

“That way they can be more involved without having to worry about economic security,” concluded Bamishigbin Jr.


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