We tell you how to use your cream for the eye contour correctly

We tell you how to use your cream for the eye contour correctly

Clearly face soaps, serums, and sunscreens are a must to keep our skin healthy and clean, but when it comes to products designed to pamper us to the maximum eye contour cream It is one of those that we can never miss.

By having a formula capable of penetrating deeply into the delicate skin that surrounds the eyes, this is one of the best face creams with which you will achieve say goodbye to dark circles Y prevent the appearance of fine lines premature. However, as wonderful as this product is, as with any other personal care item, you have to know how to use it properly in order to have the best results.

How should you apply your eye cream?

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Do you already know what is the correct way to apply your cream for the eye contour?

Use an adequate amount of product

It is easy to make the mistake of thinking that, for you cream have a greater effect, it is necessary to use an excessive amount of product, however this is not correct. Dr. Rocío Rivera, director of scientific communications at L’Oréal Paris, confirms that the correct amount of cream to use in both eyes is the size of a pea.

Apply with the ring finger

Is the finger you choose to apply your eye contour cream? According to experts the answer is: yes. Renée Rouleau, celebrity esthetician and an expert in skincare, ensures that the best finger to apply this product is the ring finger. This is because, being the weakest finger, it allows us to apply the cream delicately.

Don’t put the cream on your eyelids

You don't need to apply too much eye cream to see results.

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You don’t need to apply too much eye cream to see results.

To ensure that you are using your eye cream effectively it is important to locate the exact points where it should be applied. An expert of Dermstore, the brand of care skin and American beauty, recommends that, unless the product you are using indicates otherwise, you should not place it on your eyelids.

According to the specialist the cream It should be placed in a semicircle that goes from the bottom of your tear duct to the edge of your eyebrow. It is best to apply the cream by tapping the area gently over and over with your finger to stimulate circulation.

Avoid applying it too close to the eye

In addition to maintaining cream outside of your eyelids, it is also important that you do not place it too close to your eyes. The celebrity makeup artist, Geri G., revealed in an interview that this is because the product expands when heated with your body temperature, so that in one to two hours it will have spread naturally.


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