“We want a program aligned with creating jobs and lowering inflation”


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In the previous meeting with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Minister of Economy, Martín Guzmán, participated in the meeting with businessmen and unions in the middle of a Government attempt to relaunch the “social pact” and he anticipated that what is being sought with the agency is “a program that helps Argentina.”

“This is a process that matters and matters for society as a whole because it concerns the macroeconomic issue, stability and job creation,” he said. “We want a program different from the previous stand-by agreed in 2018 that allows us to walk the path of recovery economic and do it in a sustainable way, creating a favorable environment for investments, with more work, “added the minister.

Analysts predict that the agreement with the IMF will only be signed in 2021

The objective of the meeting was to articulate the work with the private sector, according to the official. “We want to tell and involve all of you to work in an articulated way in this process as we also did during debt restructuring with private creditors and we are grateful for the support that it was worth to Argentina, “he indicated during the meeting that took place in Casa Rosada with the participation of Chief of Cabinet, Santiago Cafiero; the Deputy Chief of Cabinet, Cecilia Todesca, and the ministers Matías Kulfas (Productive Development) and Claudio Moroni (Labor), along with the head of AFIP, Mercedes Marcó del Pont and the president of the Central Bank, Miguel Pesce. Representatives of the two CTAs and the CGT were invited by the unions, and by the companies, G6 member chambers such as the UIA, Construction and Commerce.

The differences with the previous agreement, according to Guzmán, are based on the program having “sensible precepts to walk the path of recovery, to be able to do it in a sustainable way and, at the same time, to order the external situation.” Government will have to repay the US $ 44,000 billion disbursed by that previous program and expects to extend the terms of disbursements, while uncertainty remains about whether it will seek fresh funds to face the fall in Central Bank reserves if the measures announced last Thursday to promote the liquidation of exports do not work.

They launch the first bond linked to the dollar

Within the new axes of discussion with the IMF, the head of the Palacio de Hacienda considered that the program that is aligned with the objectives of creating jobs, reducing inflation, creating a more conducive environment for private investment and increasing the added value of the economy, which is what will also allow us to sustain the growth trajectory.

“We insist that this is a collective task. One of the things that helped us the most in this complex process of restructuring the debt was that there was legitimacy. That was seen to the world. The support that the National Congress gave us was very important, also from the private sector. The dialogues that existed with the different ministers and ministers, but especially from the G20 countries, that recognition existed, it was very visible and it helped a lot to affirm the government’s position. That mechanic, here it will be worth a lot“Guzmán remarked to businessmen and trade unionists during the meeting.



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