“We were tempted and I gave in”


Vivi says she has now resumed her purpose and is already three years away from intimate relationships

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A ex-Ronaldinha Live Brunieri, which has already prostituiu and worked as an actress in adult movies, said in this Wednesday (14) during your participation in the SuperPop who went seven years without sex after converting to the evangelical church. However, Alive she says she ended up “being tried” and broke her promise. Now she has resumed her purpose and has had no intimate reactions to anyone for three years.

“I became in 2009 and learned that it is Christian values ​​to expect and have sex after marriage. It was a struggle because hormones do not convert and there are those days when we say: ‘My God, I want, I need’, but we have all the support and technique ”, he explained.

However, the ex-Ronaldinha ended up breaking her promise and, in 2016, she had sex with a person she was dating. “We were tempted, obviously, two mature people, I gave in, now I’m back on purpose for three years now”, concluded

Holy Dating

Paula, who was once a country singer and now dedicates herself to gospel music, became a preacher of “holy dating”. According to her, it is a relationship between two people where no kind of intimacy is allowed before marriage. Paula converted to the evangelical religion in December 2019 and, according to her, since then, she has not had sex with anyone.

The singer also said that “holy dating” allows kisses, including those more exciting. “Yes, it can, it depends a lot on the couple’s maturity. If you have the conversation and if they have the same purpose and they can maintain this purpose, that’s fine, ”he explained.

Paula said that waiting to have sex only after marriage has to do with hearing God’s voice. “How did he [Deus] said that sex before marriage is not good, I believe he does not make mistakes and he is faithful “, concluded

Virgin at 31

Rafaela Batista, 31, told Luciana Gimenez that she never had sex with anyone. She says she will only be intimate with someone after the wedding. Rafaela, who grew up in an evangelical family, believes that this sexual abstinence also served in some way to protect her, for example, from an unwanted pregnancy.

“I thought that sexual purity or abstinence would protect me in some way. Today I am dating, I have been dating for five months, and I already dated at 18, for three months and then I was 12 years single ”, finished.

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