We will talk more about 5G with the iPhone 12 series

We will talk more about 5G with the iPhone 12 series

We will talk more about 5G with the iPhone 12 series

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We will talk more about 5G with the iPhone 12 series

Apple has finally held its long-awaited event, unveiling its iPhone 12 series phones. Even though it was delayed for a month, we encountered products that were worth waiting for.

I have been following Apple’s activities closely since I started my career. I also had the chance to attend WWDC, the world’s largest software developer conference, several times. However, as we entered the pandemic process, the Apple Watch and the new iPad event, which was held last month, and the iPhone 12 series, was announced on the internet.

To understand the interest in the event, it was enough to go to Apple’s YouTube channel and watch the live stream. The fact that almost 2.5 million users were watching the event on YouTube alone revealed that the iPhone 12s were eagerly awaited.

In this event, which we follow live on hurriyet.com.tr, Apple; It introduced four new phones called iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. Most of the information leaked before the event turned out to be correct; There is no big change in terms of design; However, when we look at the technical features, we can see that Apple has come a long way.

However, this year, the main agenda item of the event was 5G technology. To date, many technology companies have offered 5G supported phones. But Apple is a brand that waits for the market to mature and likes to hit the stage ‘on time’. Therefore, he did not rush about 5G phones and waited for today. Moreover, 5G technology is still not actively used in many countries around the world. However, next year we will talk a lot more about 5G; because in many countries, including Turkey, will begin to enter into your life with this technology.

The Chinese market is very important for Apple and bringing 5G technology to its phones can be considered in this context. Because 5G is actively used in China and at this point, the need for an iPhone with 5G arises. When it comes to iPhone sales, we can say that it is a very important player in China.

It is actually no coincidence that Apple announced its iPhones in October instead of September. Verizon also performed at the event. The company shared with the world that it has launched its 5G network, which it says will reach 200 million people. Previously, Verizon 5G used only mmWave technology, which could be very fast but had limited range. Verizon’s 5G across the US will take advantage of dynamic spectrum sharing (DSS) technology that allows the operator to run both LTE and 5G side by side.

iPhone 12 when it comes to Turkey?

When we enter the Apple.com.tr page, we see the phrase ‘coming soon’. So what about Turkey no price nor release date information is not shared. But now it seems the most likely to enter the market of new products Turkey in November.

The new iPhone models are also distinguished by the user masses they appeal to. The iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12, which are expected to come at a more affordable price, also have a high potential in terms of sales volume. For example, when we consider the iPhone 11 to be the world’s best-selling phone in the first quarter of this year, the potential of the iPhone 12 series can be understood more clearly.

The iPhone 12 Pro series looks very assertive on the camera side. As expected, comes the brand new LiDAR Scanner, which provides the ability to measure a scene’s light distance and use pixel depth information.

This technology enables faster and more realistic AR (augmented reality) experiences and improves autofocus 6x for higher accuracy and lower shooting time for photos and videos in low-light scenes. When the Neural Engine in the A14 Bionic, which powers Apple’s new phones, is also involved, successful portrait shots become possible in night mode.

This is the case as far as we watched at the event. However, when we examine closely the new phones come to Turkey and we will share with you the details still warm to hot hurriyet.com.tr.


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