Wendy Bouchard with coronavirus: “Be extra vigilant”

Wendy Bouchard with coronavirus: “Be extra vigilant”

Wendy Bouchard with coronavirus: “Be extra vigilant”

Wendy Bouchard with coronavirus: “Be extra vigilant”

Saturday October 10, 2020, Wendy Bouchard explained on Twitter that she had made arrangements after having tested positive for the coronavirus.

It is now part of the long list of public figures affected by Covid-19. On the morning of Saturday, October 10, 2020, Wendy Bouchard announced on her Twitter account that she had been tested positive for coronavirus. “Dear friends, be extra vigilant! # COVID19 is circulating at a maddening speed and interferes everywhere because of us “, she began by writing on the social network.

Very quickly, the radio journalist – who also works on France 3 Paris and Public Senate – explained that she nevertheless took the measures necessary to limit the spread of the coronavirus within the home. “Despite all my precautions, mom in addition, I am positive and isolated”, can we read on his account. A message that she continued with a call for vigilance and respect for barrier gestures such as wearing a mask and washing your hands regularly, but also for social distancing: “The labs are desperate for the number of cases. Think of the others! See you soon”.

CURRENT WOMAN – Wendy Bouchard suffering from coronavirus: “Be extra vigilant”



Wendy Bouchard reframes an internet user who accuses her of “to make people feel guilty”

So, little Lily’s mom, born in 2017, concludes by listing her symptoms: “An armor of 200 kilos on the back, disappearance of the taste and enormous fatigue. It does not matter, I grant it to you but for others yes. So as it circulates very strongly I allowed myself this message, it is not for my little mouth! ” While an Internet user accuses him of “make people feel guilty about the circulation of a virus”, the journalist does not hesitate to reframe it: “Yes, because the virus circulates by us madam and not by the operation of the holy spirit….”.

Far from stopping there, this certain Lolika adds: This committed Parisianism is fascinating. You have to live with the virus, take the necessary precautions, the main of which is to wash your hands, protect the most vulnerable, stop making people feel guilty, stop asking for sacrifices all the time and the cure exists “. A debate that Wendy Bouchard prefers to conclude with: “What is the treatment? But it’s very good, do what you want and above all let’s stay very selfish, that’s what will lose us”.

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