what changes for clubs and gyms

what changes for clubs and gyms

The new Dpcm begins to take shape: after the first rumors circulated in the last few days, the Regions have prevailed on the hard line of the government. In fact, a part of the Giallorossi, “led” by the ministers Franceschini and Speranza, would have liked to marry the line of hard fist against the nightlife to fight the spread of Coronavirus. But there won’t be a drastic crackdown, at least for the moment. Also because Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte himself would not only have preferred to wait and monitor the epidemiological curve before launching other measures, but also wanted to emphasize that the situation is not like that of last spring: “We must adopt proportionate and thoughtful choices. People are tired. and exasperated and there is a risk of social unrest “. So the rules very rigid feared by some representative of the executive are momentarily frozen.


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The only discordant note was Minister Azzolina on school: clear rules are needed for distance learning. No more inconclusive tables. #COVID-19

– Giovanni Toti (@GiovanniToti) October 18, 2020Maybe they will return to the hypothesis table if the infections continue to rise significantly in the coming days. But for the moment the governors can be satisfied with the agreement reached: the government has asked for proportionate interventions, shared throughout the country and more stringent measures in the most affected areas when needed. “The only discordant note was Minister Azzolina on the school: for distance learning we need clear and immediate rules. Enough inconclusive tables”, points out the governor of Liguri Giovanni Toti. But otherwise the position of the Regions won. In the meantime, the press conference of the lawyer is expected, which tonight at 18 should illustrate the new rules introduced in the Dpcm.

The agreement with the RegionsBut what will the squeeze consist of? First of all, it should be emphasized that in the end it will be a nighttime “lockout” with respect to the curfew that the intransigent wing of the government would have wanted. As regards the closure of commercial activities in general, bars and restaurants, the bar stopped at midnight. However, the intention to intervene on move and therefore the footsteps of the Lombardy Region could be followed: ban on the take-away of alcohol after 6 pm instead of 9 pm. ristorante, but all the discussions and evaluations of the case are still ongoing on this possibility.

For the moment, cinemas are to be considered safe, gyms and swimming pools: it has been stressed that strict compliance with safety protocols will be required. Another crucial issue is that of transport: in this sense we are moving towards the obligation of smart working for 75% of employees, probably to be extended to private companies as well. And face-to-face teaching should also be confirmed for students of the schools superior. However, the commitment made is to study a staggering of entrances at 11, but only in areas where the level of circulation of the virus is high.


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