what cheese to choose and what quantity to plan AND the tradition to know to finish a fondue!

Savoyard fondue: which cheese to choose and what quantity to plan AND the tradition to know to finish a fondue!

Savoyard fondue: which cheese to choose and what quantity to plan AND the tradition to know to finish a fondue!

Nothing like a good cheese fondue for warming up on long winter evenings (especially during curfew). Discover all our recipes to share with family or friends.

Cheese fondue is a recipe that can’t be more friendly. Its principle? Each one dips with a special fork, a piece of bread in a mixture of melted cheese and white wine. This winter dish, which is the pride of the Savoie and some Suisse, is traditionally prepared in a caquelon, a kind of terracotta or cast iron pan, previously scraped with a clove of garlic. It has the advantage of not requiring any preparation since the cooking is done at the table!

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How much cheese should you plan for a fondue?

Allow about 200 grams of cheese (without the rind) per person. As for bread, we advise you to plan a half-baguette per head. Ideally, it is bought the day before, so that the bread is slightly stale and thus easier to cut into small cubes.

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Which white wine to choose for the fondue?

Opt for a dry white wine from Savoie like Chignin Bergeron, from Roussette de Savoie or even Apremont. Side quantity, do not pour no more than half the weight of cheese. If your wine is of good quality, do not add kirch or nutmeg. They will mask its flavors. Regarding the integration of wine into cheese, there are several schools: those who heat it apart in a saucepan before pouring it over the cheese, those who gradually integrate it into cheese and those who melt the cheese in cold wine.

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Which cheese to choose for the fondue?

The success of a fondue depends essentially on the cheese, so there is no question of ignoring the quality! Another tip: do not mix too many cheeses. We recommend that you select two or three to get a good balance. If you want to prepare a fondue with just one cheese, opt for Comté (18-24 months of ripening). We then speak of Jura fondue.

In Switzerland, fondue is prepared with two cheeses in equal quantities (one fatty, the other dry and salty): Swiss Gruyère and Vacherin Fribourgeois. This recipe is called “half and half”.

The Savoyard fondue is made up of Beaufort, Abondance and Gruyère de Savoie. It is very creamy and its flavors are pronounced. If you are addicted to cheese, you can also add farmer Reblochon to your recipe to give it even more creaminess. Fancy a sweet fondue? Mix with Emmental, Gruyère and Neuchâtel.

Our tip for the cheeses to melt at the same speed: grate hard cheeses and cut soft cheeses.

What if the fondue is not tied enough?

Does your fondue consist of a liquid phase and a solid phase? It is because it is not well linked! To catch up with her, dilute 2 tbsp. tablespoon of cornstarch in 3 tbsp. tablespoon of wine. Add a few drops of lemon juice then bring the mixture to a boil, stirring constantly. Pour into the fondue. Mix well. Magic, isn’t it?

The tradition to finish a fondue

When there is hardly any cheese left, we break an egg in the fondue for amalgamate the cheese and prevent it from hardening. This scramble can also be eaten with bread. It’s a real treat !

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