What dishes to serve with a cahors + tips for choosing it

What dishes to serve with a cahors + tips for choosing it

What dishes to serve with a cahors + tips for choosing it

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What dishes to serve with a cahors + tips for choosing it

Well typed, cahors wine accompanies beefy dishes from the South-West but also knows how to be tender to accompany lighter recipes. And it will even know how to highlight the power of chocolate and the sweetness of pear. Discover this southern wine and learn how to choose it.



After a great success in 1970-1980, followed by a difficult period, the appellation cahors made its comeback on the front of the stage by relying on its main grape variety, malbec, today a star of the New World vineyards, especially Argentina.

Cahors: getting to know it better in order to choose it better

West of the town of Cahors, along the meanders of the Lot, the vineyard is planted on the heights of the causse and on the gently sloping terraces of the valley: a good variety of soils for malbec, merlot and tannat grape varieties typical of the south-west which give colorful, powerful, tannic red wines, with aromas of very ripe red and black berries with hints of spices, which go well with regional dishes that are a little fatty like cassoulets and candied.

Young, the cahors is a little rustic but it becomes rounded and becomes more complex with age because it ages very well. Today, the winegrowers play with elegance without losing the power, the fruit without forgetting the material, modernity without forgetting the tradition and the beautiful personality of Malbec.

Temperature, decanting … How to serve cahors well?

It is appreciated a little cool, between 15 and 16 ° C, when it is young and, older, never too hot, ie at 17-18 ° C maximum. A good idea, the decanter. Because, even and especially when it is young, the cahors deserves to be ventilated.

With what dishes to serve the cahors?

This partner of Southwestern cuisine (cassoulet, confit, duck breast...) also goes very well with sweet and savory flavors: pigeon pastilla, Tajin agneau of Pruneau, pork cheeks with sweet spices …

And he also turns out to be a good companion with desserts : Wine poached pears and spices, chocolate mousse …

Which cahors to buy? Three bottles to discover

Young and fruity

A wine, certified “High Environmental Value”, somewhat rustic charm with its deep dress, its nose of black fruits and plum and its ample and long palate, slightly rough with hints of liquorice. To be served at 15 ° C, with chocolate spring rolls but also on sausages confit with beans, salmon with bacon and its butter and red wine sauce.

Cahors 2018, Grain Noir, Château La Caminade, € 6, at Système U.


A aging for nearly a year in oak barrels gives this wine a harmonious and charming personality. With its purple color and its aromas of ripe black fruits and sweet spices, it offers a long and generous mouthfeel with a peppery finish. To savor at 16 ° on stuffed mushrooms, a good cassoulet, a crusted game pâté or a Tajin agneau of Pruneau.

Cahors 2015, Prestige, Château de Cénac, € 10, ex cellar and Intercaves stores.

Typical and complex

Both traditional and modern, a cahors aged 18 months in oak barrels. Hence its dark color, its intense nose of black fruits with hints of violet and its powerful and round mouth, very long with a hint of spices. To decant before tasting it on a roasted pork loin and its piperade, duck breasts with blackcurrant or pork cheeks with spices.

Cahors 2016, Cuvée Réserve de l’Aïeul, Château Eugénie, € 14, ex cellar and in V&B stores.

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