What do you actually earn at IKEA?

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In Germany, IKEA is one of the best-known and at the same time one of the most popular companies. But what do the employees of the furniture store actually earn?

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IKEA worldwide

Since the establishment and opening of the first branch in 1958 in Älmhult, Sweden, the multinational furnishing group has succeeded in expanding the number of branches to a total of 433 worldwide. In 2019, IKEA operated 246 furniture stores across Europe. But IKEA was not only able to successfully establish itself as a leading furniture retailer in its European locations, because with a group turnover of more than 39 billion euros, IKEA is also one of the leading companies in the furniture industry worldwide.

IKEA in Germany

In 1974 the first German IKEA store was opened in Eching near Munich, and IKEA shops are now operated in 28 European countries, with most of the IKEA branches in Germany. In almost every German household there is at least one piece of furniture from the Swedish furniture store, and 53 of the more than 400 IKEA stores around the world are now in Germany alone. In 2019, these branches turned over more than five billion euros nationwide.

Careers at IKEA

IKEA not only offers an extensive range, but also a wide variety of jobs. And these are not just jobs that are carried out in the furniture stores and warehouses, because the company also includes a large organizational and administrative area. In addition, IKEA offers jobs in the areas of marketing, information technology, human resources but also for the numerous cafes and restaurants. Many of these areas offer positions nationwide in the individual markets as well as in the German company headquarters in Hofheim-Wallau. But what do the furniture giant’s employees actually earn?

That’s what you earn at IKEA

The question arises whether IKEA not only has an attractive range to offer, but can also present itself as an attractive employer. To find out, the job evaluation portal Glassdoor looked at current salaries of 200 employees for 138 job titles at the company. The salaries for the position of stock removal, IKEA food, cashiers, logisticians and salespeople are on average 12 euros per hour.

Managers as top earners

Glassdoor indicates the other basic salaries as annual or monthly salaries. However, in order to be able to better compare the different remuneration, we have extrapolated the salaries to an annual income using the Glassdoor figures. According to this, the best-paid position in Germany in the Glassdoor evaluation is the position of Senior Manager with 107,009 euros per year. With a gross annual salary of 71,729 euros, the job as Business Navigation & Operations Manager follows. The positions as team leader, food manager, HR manager and as in-store logistics manager are remunerated with an average gross annual salary of 60,000 euros. The team leaders in the sales department, on the other hand, receive around EUR 44,316, while the positions of team assistant and logistics team leader can expect gross annual salaries of around EUR 34,790 and EUR 35,172, respectively. According to Glassdoor, salaries for the position as visual merchandiser and in customer service with a gross salary of 16,440 euros and 19,812 euros fall below the 20,000 euro mark. Finanzen.net editorial team


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