What is palliative care?

What is palliative care?

The palliative care, is the attention that it is given to a sick person who is in serious condition and has been evicted for some incurable disease or in its case advanced; The purpose of this is to make you feel better, control pain, here it is included in controlling the symptoms and the psychosocial side of the patient.

Palliative care (photo / courtesy)

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Palliative care (photo / courtesy)

In the framework of the commemoration of this day, aims to make people aware of this type of treatment that help the patient to better cope with these types of circumstances, indicated the oncologist nurse, Alma Cruz Casas.

He World palliative care day, I know celebrated the second Saturday in October, It is a therapeutic modality little spread in the world, which seeks to help, support and improve the situation of terminal patients and their families.

The also a teacher at Icest, detailed that today in hospitals there is a area called Hospis, what is the department where they deal directly with this sick guy and the family is taught to take better care of them.

Who are the patients who can receive palliative care?

These are patients who are in a terminal situation as a result of some type of cancer, HIV and who have no solution, other than this type of palliative care.

Can they be used in all diseases?

Palliative care is for patients for whom nothing can be done, simply where the doctor provides a diagnosis of life of months or weeks, it is he who will decide what type of medications to provide to relieve pain or oxygen.

This type of treatment can be given in the hospital or home and also includes the psychological situation for the patient and the family member.

What is palliative care?

1.- Calm the pain, through the supply of medicines

2.- Provide support to the family during the process

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3. Relief or adequate control of the patient

4. Good communication with the patient and all the bond that exists with him.

5.- In some cases apply oxygen

6.- The patient’s bathroom

7.- Daily care, such as physical rehabilitation.

8.- Spiritual counseling

How do they help?

To minimize pain, alleviate emotional suffering, depression that the patient may have and as a family member to provide that care to our patient.

Who can provide this care?

It can be a nurse, doctor, social worker, family member or relatives or caregiver who will be providing care

This depends on the institution, although today there are more courses and workshops where palliative care is discussed.

The nurse specialist in oncology, mentioned that as a result of the diseases that occur and are sometimes detected too late, as in various types of cancer, is that greater awareness has been raised in palliative care, to provide the patient with greater peace of mind in their process.



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