What is the evil eye in babies and how to cure it?

What is the evil eye in babies and how to cure it?

If you have children or even nephews, you may have heard about him the evil eye, that although it is not exclusive, if it is very common to relate it to Small children. But to all this, What is the evil eye in babies and how to cure it?

What is the evil eye in babies and how to cure it? Photo: iStock

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What is the evil eye in babies and how to cure it? Photo: iStock

Medicine has gone through many stages and although today we talk about a difference between traditional and modern medicine, we cannot deny that there are still very current concepts, among them are some such as empacho and the evil eye, both considered infantile evils.

There will be those who consider them simple popular beliefs, But the reality is that have a structure and are based on actual symptoms, in addition to including a series of rituals to relieve them that seem to work. For this reason they have aroused interest and research around.

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¿What is the evil eye?

It is thus known to a general malaise in a baby, which includes agitation, tiredness, insomnia, and crying for no reason, which can even be accompanied by physical problems that are not common in the baby and usually occurs after they have been in contact with someone of “strong energy” or even a lot of people, which is also known as gelling.

According to an article published in the Journal of Dialectology and Popular Traditions, in Ibero-America, the evil eye is known as a disease that incorporates natural and social causes linked to envy, jealousy and affection.

Yes, many see it only as a belief, but according to this article, it was recognized as a disease since the Middle Ages and was explained in terms of the humoral theory, who sees health as a balance between 4 humors constituting the body: blood, phlegm, yellow bile, and black bile, being a prevalent in each person, determining their temperament or complexion.

The evil eye is usually attributed to power of certain people, whose energy is greater than that of those affected, being more likely children and adolescents. Likewise, it is believed that for the damage to take effect, the look should be accompanied by complimentsHence, many times it occurs after visit relatives or acquaintances, without necessarily having bad intentions.

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Is there a medical diagnosis for the evil eye?

We did not find a direct relationship between the evil eye and a specific condition, however, taking into account that it is closely related to the malaise and inability to sleep, it could just be a sleep problem, also present in children, although it should be the pediatrician who determines the exact cause if the episodes continue.

According to American Academy of Pediatrics, the fussiness and crying for no apparent reason in babies, may be due to hunger, excess food (yes, drink a lot of milk it can also cause discomfort), heat, cold, or tight clothing, a dirty diaper, colic, sleepiness, caffeine (responsible for causing difficulty sleeping and increased crying), as well as pain.

The latter is the first point to discard, if your baby cries all the time (constant crying for more than 2 hours) and is not happy when it stops, a diagnosis is necessary, this in particular is Urgent if you have a fever, are very weak, are not alert, or have abnormal signs.

If, on the contrary, this only manifests itself at the moment of want to lull him, maybe it’s a trouble sleeping. These usually manifest because they present regular trouble falling asleep or staying asleep throughout the night.

According to Sleep Institute, the bad habits can cause them, but it is also common for over-activation, is the cause that a little one finds it difficult to sleep. So if after a exciting day they are asked to sleep, children can present irritability or lack of sleep.

Likewise, let us not forget that when the safety of the little ones is threatened, for example, by breaking your routine or due to family problems, separation anxiety, or childhood fears, they can show their anxiety through the crying, behavior changes, and resistance to sleep.

So if a major cause is not identified and it is related to a large gathering or engentamiento, it could simply be on excitement, something that also happens to us adults after a day of many emotions and surely, constantly changing arms represents that for a baby.

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How is the evil eye cured?

Pass the egg through the baby’s body and then break it into a glass of water, it is one of the most common remedies for the evil eye and gelling, although there is no scientific evidence to support it.

On the other hand, a fragment of the Annals of Anthropology, on indigenous medicine and childhood ills among the Nahuas of Texcoco, explains that it can also be ordered from “Responsible” for the evil eye, apply a little saliva on the child’s head, which will heal and will not suffer damage from the look.

Finally, one way to prevent it is tying a red ribbon to the child’s wrist or a red ribbon with the deer eye seed, because red repels or absorbs the heat of the gaze.

Regarding the modern medical advice, the American Academy of Pediatrics, recommends that to put a baby to sleep, It is important keep it calm and quiet when you feed or switch him during the night, rather than over stimulating or waking him up.

One way to help not only sleep, but sleep alone, is put him to bed when he’s sleepy but awake, that could prevent you from having trouble falling asleep again if you wake up at night.

If your baby is very restless or over excited, you can try giving a relaxing massage to lower your energy levels, likewise, there are shampoos and soaps with special relaxing scents for babiesAsk your pediatrician if it is possible to use them, although in general they are safe.

Finally, remember that it is important that the room is dark, quiet, and at a comfortable temperature for your little one to rest, in addition to creating a sleep routine.

Undoubtedly, despite the time, the ancestral medicine or traditional remedies, with “modern” medicine and it does not have to be something that those who practice it are ashamed of, as long as it does not endanger their health.

If you baby is upset, passing an egg may not cause a bad, as long as you make sure that there is not a health problem behind it. Always rule out a greater evil; If you have symptoms beyond the “evil eye”, do not hesitate to consult your doctor, the health of your baby is the most important thing.

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