what make up with a gray turtleneck?

what make up with a gray turtleneck?

The turtleneck is one of the most popular sweaters for women but requires careful reflection because you have to understand how to put on make-up once worn. If you choose it in the shade of gray, for example, you have to consider a sort of neutral background on which to make your figure stand out. So, better focus on a bright make-up, to avoid the “dull skin” effect ….

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How do I match it? Tips from the stars

Zendaya: in full light

To copy the effect, you can use a luminous palette to give light to the face and cheekbones, even to the eyelids.

Jennifer Lopez: iridescent lips

The nude pink lips are the ones that not only give volume to the lips, but spread a veil of color on them.

Gwyneth Paltrow: a touch of color on the lips

Red lipsticks remain among the best sellers of the season. They can be combined with blushes in bright shades.

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