What to do if you have low defenses

What to do if you have low defenses

The months of the year when the immune system is weakest are approaching. As a consequence, it is easy to suffer from all kinds of virus respiratory like the flu or the cold. The defenses are key in the body of every person, because they repel infections in addition to treating diseases as serious as cancer.

What to do if you have low defenses

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What to do if you have low defenses

How do you know that defenses are down

It is important to know at all times, if defenses are too low. Tiredness or lack of energy during the day can be symptomatic that people have a somewhat weak immune system. Having viral infections on a regular basis also indicates that the person has low defenses.

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There are many people who think that an analysis of blood, it can indicate if your immune system is low. This is because red and white blood cells are not part of the immune system.

The importance of immunity

Many people believe that a drug can solve the problem they have with their defenses and strengthen the immune system. However, experts advise wearing good habits of life to get up the defenses. You have to know at all times, how to enhance and give the importance to your own defenses.

A person considered healthy has much less chance of being infected than another who follows a much less healthy lifestyle and with all kinds of excesses. The strength of the immune system depends to a large extent on eating as healthy and balanced a diet as possible and to do physical exercise on a regular basis.

What to do to have a strong immune system

In addition to following a good diet and doing sport On a regular basis, there are another series of habits that can help you have high defenses:

  • Lack of rest causes the immune system to weaken more than necessary. It is advisable to rest and sleeping at least 7 to 8 hours a day to avoid a significant drop in the body’s defenses.
  • Many people do not know it, but emotions are part of the immune system. That is why it is important to always have a positive attitude towards life. A person with a high level of stress and anxiety is more likely to contract some type of condition than another who is happy and laughs regularly. So get rid of negative thoughts in your life and think positive.

The different types of defenses

Every cell that makes up the immune system has a crucial function when defending the body from possible viruses:

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  • Neutrophils are the first defenses to appear, in order to eliminate possible viruses that enter the body.
  • Macrophages they swallow viruses and bacteria that pose a threat to health.
  • Type B lymphocytes are responsible for producing antibodies to eliminate the invaders.
  • T-type lymphocytes participate in the production of antibodies and they help macrophages to eliminate different viruses.
  • Dendritic cells are responsible for recognize invaders and eliminate them.

It is therefore key that these types of cells are strong at all times since in this way, it is more complicated and there is less risk of contracting diseases. High defenses are key when avoiding affections as common as colds or the flu. Remember that in the autumn and winter months the defenses are more likely to decrease and become more vulnerable than during the hot months. With the arrival of Covid-19 it is also important to have a strong immune system.


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