What you need to know for the big shopping battle

What you need to know for the big shopping battle

Amazon Prime Day should again ensure high sales and bargain prices this year. How the offers work and what you as a customer, but also as a dealer, should pay attention to.

From Tuesday, Amazon logistics will have its hands full again on Prime Day.

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From Tuesday, Amazon logistics will have its hands full again on Prime Day.

Next week the time has finally come: On Tuesday and Wednesday, October 13th and 14th, Amazon will have its worldwide Prime Day. You can find out from us what you can prepare for in Germany.

First of all, Prime Day is not called Prime Day without a reason – because nothing works here without membership in Amazon’s ranks of preferred customers. The easiest way to do this is to start the Free Prime Trial Membershipwhich is valid for 30 days. However, if you have already had a test period with your customer account in the recent past, Amazon may not let you test again for free. Then only an additional customer account helps.

In addition to the prioritized shipping functionality, Amazon also offers some other advantages for Prime customers. You should note that some other Prime benefits such as Prime Video and Prime Music (Free, therefore a scaled-down offer), which are normally part of the 69 Euro annual Prime membership, are not part of the Prime offer for business accounts are. Here you can indeed get a month’s trial Prime, but then pay 70 euros (here plus sales tax) for the pure shipping option for up to three employees.

Amazon Prime: Use trial membership wisely

You should only start the trial membership when you order, which can be done with one click in the ordering process. Note, however, that you will then probably not get another free test period during Cyber ​​Week or Black Friday at the end of November – at least not with the same customer account. Incidentally, if they live in a household with you, Prime customers can invite you to their Prime account – but then again without the said video and audio offers.

On Prime Day there are almost always new offers that can be sorted accordingly. For example, if you are looking for a specific smartphone, you should sound out the prices in advance – for example using a price search engine such as Idealo or Guenstiger.de. If you want to know how prices have developed on Amazon, you can in many cases via the price tracker Camelcamelcamel find out.

Analyze and compare prices in advance

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If necessary, you should set up price monitoring for the desired items today, but you can also usually look at price history diagrams for the most popular 18 million products – there is a lot there. The Camelizer is a practical browser extension that shows you the corresponding price trends on the respective product page with one click.

Incidentally, Camelcamelcamel is also an extremely clear solution if you want to quickly see which products are available from Amazon itself and which are only available from a marketplace provider. In many cases, certain discounts that Amazon grants are only valid for their own sales.

The following applies to both price grabbers: The statistics functions help you a lot when it comes to assessing prices. Ideally, you should think in advance about what a good price you want to buy at – on Prime Day, if the price is really good, you won’t have too much time to do so. Overall, it should be the case again this year that you have to complete your purchase within 15 minutes of clicking into the shopping cart. If you want to compare prices first, that’s not too much time.

You can take a look at the lightning offers of Amazon Prime Day 24 hours in advance – and you should be reminded when the respective offer starts. The easiest way to do this is with the smartphone app or the Amazon Assistant for the desktop.

As a retailer, you can benefit from Prime Day

Merchants who sell on Amazon will get busier in the next few days. At least in recent years Prime Day has been one of the busiest days. Incidentally, some retailers specifically advertised similar offers with a little delay and practically made sales after the respective quota from Amazon had already been exhausted.

But even those who do not sell via the marketplace can join the shopping spectacle – for example by offering competitive products for the same price and being present here via the corresponding price search engines. It can also make sense for another reason to highlight your own offer in your own shop and allow it to take place: This way your shop will be remembered and you are not one of the numerous nameless marketplace dealers.

As always, we at t3n will support the price battle again and find the best offers for you. Just have a look in the coming days – a little more information on offers that we are currently preparing will be available at the beginning of the week.

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