What’s behind the tremors? Those rumors about Merkel’s illness

 What's behind the tremors? Those rumors about Merkel's illness

For a long time we have been wondering what the real cause of tremors could be more than once Angela Merkel showed on television, on the occasion of important institutional appointments and televised debates. For example, in June 2019 she had a strange tremor during a ceremony with Ukrainian President Zelenskii: initially there was talk of dehydration, then of neurological damage and even of Parkinson. The reasons, however, would not fall within all those hypotheses taken into consideration so far. Underlying it could be the suffering of a broken heart. The possible “turning point” was explained to Dagospia, to whom some “gossips experts in German affairs” have confessed this background. A background that obviously cannot be confirmed and therefore must be taken with a grain of salt.


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According to reports from Dagospia, Joachim Sauer recently left his wife (precisely, the Chancellor). The reason? In his past there would be a liaison with one of his former students. The discovery of the betrayal of the 71-year-old chemistry professor at the “Humboldt” University of Berlin would have represented a tremendous shock for his 66-year-old wife. The depression would have been so strong that it would have led her to consider “giving up” the rule of Germany for three to four months. Doctors came to consider that the tremors were due to the use of psychotropic drugs. Her passion for politics, which before then seemed to be about to give up for the benefit of Ursula von der Leyen, current president of the European Commission, would have relieved Merkel and thus saved her from the “knockout”.

That “secret pact”According to the reconstruction published by Dagospia, the love for politics would therefore have saved the Chancellor, now the rotating president of the Council of the European Union, struggling with the huge problems caused by the Coronavirus emergency. But what happened to the husband? In the meantime she would not stop giving “repetitions” to the former pupil. Roberto D’Agostino’s website finally reveals that there would be a agreement secret and defined: “As long as Angela Merkel is in the spotlight – we read – everyone lives their life with discretion and confidentiality”. Obviously these are rumors and none of this is confirmed (at least for now) on the official channels.

According to what has been published in La salute prima di tutto, a book in which notions of medicine are given, the real cause of the Chancellor’s illness has not been announced or publicly declared. However, observing the appearance of the symptoms during the upright and fixed position, their short duration and their rapid disappearance, “it is possible to hypothesize that it may be a benign tremor similar to the orthostatic”. This hypothetical conclusion was reached because – having not manifested neurological symptoms such as muscle weakness, changes in the way of walking, difficulty speaking, stopping or impeding movements, changes in mental status or voice during the motor crisis – “it is assumed that your problem is not of neurological origin and therefore not harmful to your physical and cerebral health as many diseases are neurodegenerative, which are often accompanied by dementia “.


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