When I become President I’ll give more authority to the Term

When I become President I'll give more authority to the Term

Ozan Korkut: I will give more authority to Terim when I become President

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Ozan Korkut: I will give more authority to Terim when I become President

Ozan Korkut, the presidential candidate of Galatasaray in the last election, stated that he had such a request in the upcoming period and that if he was the chairman of the yellow-red team, Technical Director Fatih Terim should be more authorized and that he should also have authority in Sportif AŞ. Ozan Korkut, one of Galatasaray’s presidential candidates in the last election, was a guest on TRT Radio 1. Expressing that his priority is not the election but the realization of the financial general assembly, Korkut stated that he would like to give more authority to Fatih Terim in case he becomes the president and said, “Fatih term is a very experienced Galatasaray employee. I want to explain the financial situation to the teacher, we need to compromise on this. Fatih Terim is more than a teacher for us. The strong president is important, not the paid president.

“I don’t find Mustafa Cengiz successful”

Ozan Korkut added that the current administration has increased the debt despite the 130 million Euros of income obtained since its appointment, “I do not find the management of Mustafa Cengiz successful, that’s why I did not release the management. I said 3 different articles in the general assembly. Galatasaray’s principles and rights are good. Is it represented? There is a failure in this sense. How many of the projects mentioned before the election have been done? Only a few of the projects have been made. If the income is not generated, it will not be transferred. What is the future plan drawn to us? I did not release it because these items were not sufficient. I said to correct mistakes. My priority is not the election, but the financial general assembly. The management can make an election decision whenever it wants. This is not under my control. But first of all, the financial general assembly should be done. The financial general assembly can be held at the stadium The last financial meeting was held with 700 people. It can be done in Sinan Erdem Sports Hall, depending on the conditions. My priority was the goodness of Galatasaray.

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