When Mariah Carey made a “grunge” record and wanted to look like David Bowie

When Mariah Carey made a

mariah carey singer music grammy awards mariah carey singer music grammy awards

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mariah carey singer music grammy awards mariah carey singer music grammy awards

Mariah Carey celebrates its 30th anniversary with music by editing a biography, multiple reissues and leaving a surprising secret: in 1995 he made an alternative rock album.

On June 12, it was three decades since his self-titled debut album. With the anniversary in full pandemic, there was no celebration in the United States, but the continuity of the health crisis seems to have exhausted his patience and, four months later, Carey launched a tsunami of news for his fans.

Next to the hashtag #MC30, there is talk -with global rebounds- of the launch of 16 commemorative editions on vinyl from their Columbia / Legacy catalog, as well as from Universal Music Group: digital EPs, remixes, bonus tracks, rare tracks, a cappella improvisations and live recitals.

nullThe combo: a vinyl (car) tribute to his debut album from 1990. What else? The live show of Live at the Tokyo Dome, neither more nor less than their first concert in Japan during the world tour Daydream, 1996. There is more: a compilation entitled The Rarities, spanning his entire career with recordings from 1990 to 2020, without neglecting The Meaning of Mariah Carey, the necessary memories of the diva, a kind of journey with epic inlays and resistance lines where racial, identity, exotic and successful themes appear.

But as if this were not enough, this 30th anniversary has Carey dusting off unforeseen and crazy issues. At one … at two … and at … In 1995 the New Yorker made an album of grunge, well according to the sound that at that time had as heroes the Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains and more.

How was that? Carey says she says she did it because, you know, girls just want to have fun. For that and because the beautiful lady was going through “dark days” in his novel artistic career.


According to his representative, Carey composed the songs and sang using an existentialism that would never be repeated. The parenthesis grunge it happened in the recording of his album Daydream. “I brought a rock song to the band and hummed a guitar riff. They took it and we recorded it immediately. It was irreverent, raw, urgent and the band got excited. I really liked some of those songs. I was committed to my character. ”

The disk is called Someone’s Ugly Daughter (Someone’s ugly daughter). And do not look for it because you will not look for it on any platform, except about eight of the eleven songs of the album scattered on YouTube. Of course, only if they track them under the alias Chick, passing band that he rode with his friend Clarissa Dane Davidson.


“Sang a grunge and punk style, as was customary at the time. I wanted to free myself and express my miseries but also I wanted to have fun“. In the book, he does not stay short and tells something even more bizarre:” I created an alter-ego artist and a parody band, similar to what he did David Bowie con Ziggy Stardust. My character was a melancholic dark-haired goth girl who wrote and sang ridiculous and tortured songs. ”

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