when the music bursts forth

when the music bursts forth

This new musical show, inspired by a podcast, explores the behind the scenes of cult tracks from Alicia Keys, REM, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Ty Dolla $ ign. Intense musical dive …

Hrishikesh Hirway, creator of the hit US podcast “Song Exploder”, partners with Netflix for a captivating four-part musical documentary series. Comprised of interviews and archive footage, this new Netflix release follows the creative process of songwriting and reveals the intimate thoughts of stars like Alicia Keys for “3 Hours Drive”. The song in question airs at the end of the episode. A real poetry for lovers of the genre …

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An unlikely duo

“Song Exploder” opens with an intimate episode between Sampha, singer and producer, Jimmy Napes, songwriter, and Alicia Keys, multi-cap artist known for her soul and RnB universe.

The American singer had just given birth to her second son and Sampha was mourning the loss of her mother. They collaborate together for an improbable and touching duo, “3 Hours Drive”, released last September.

The title of the music fell to them from the sky. “It’s the idea of ​​someone going through a hardship,” says Sampha, usually shy. For this piece, he does not hesitate to leave his mark and his universe. “Music is my way of communicating with people. I don’t like to make conversation. Sometimes I am in a parallel world ”. A world that pleased the young mother and who insisted on having her on this song.

Both passionate and full of intense emotions, they open up without taboos to their private and professional life. An intense and poetic moment to discover on Netflix. The “Song Exploder” trailer:


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