which provinces will allow family reunions and which will not

which provinces will allow family reunions and which will not


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COVID-19 does not give truce in Argentina and, although national and provincial authorities were making social, preventive and mandatory isolation more flexible in almost the entire territory, social gatherings in closed spaces continue to be restricted to avoid what is considered one of the main sources of contagion.

Near the end of the year and with the Christmas and New Year celebrations just around the corner, the concern is that the cases do not spread exponentially from these gatherings, although there will first be a pilot test this Sunday: the Mother’s Day.

The third Sunday of October is celebrated in tribute to all mothers and different types of family gatherings such as lunches or dinners are generally held, something that this time will only be allowed in six provinces.

In line with health regulations, the only places in the country where meetings of up to 10 people were enabled are La Pampa, Entre Ríos, San Juan, San Luis, Mendoza and Jujuy.

In some other provinces, the gathered outdoorsSuch is the case of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, and that will be the modality chosen by some sons and daughters to greet their mothers.

The different governments asked citizens maximum individual responsibility to protect especially the elderly in a day that is expected to be complicated in terms of the possibility that the virus could spread.


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