White House doctor gives news on Donald Trump’s health

White House doctor gives news on Donald Trump's health

The White House doctor said on Saturday that Donald Trump, who caught the coronavirus, was no longer contagious.

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Donald Trump is no longer contagious, White House doctor Sean Conley said on Saturday, nine days after the US president tested positive for Covid-19. “Tonight, I am happy to announce that in addition to the fact that the president meets all CDC criteria for a safe end of isolation, this morning’s Covid PCR test shows, by currently recognized standards , which it is no longer considered to be at risk of transmitting (the virus) to other people, ”Dr. Conley said in a statement.

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The Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) is the principal US federal agency for public health. According to Dr Conley’s press release, tests have shown that “there is no longer any index of active replication of the virus” and that Donald Trump’s viral load “is decreasing”. However, he did not indicate that the head of state was no longer positive.

The president does not have a fever and his symptoms have “improved,” said the White House doctor, stressing that he would continue to monitor his state of health as he continues. Donald Trump resumes the normal course of its activities. Dr Conley said his patient had experienced his first symptoms ten days before. It is likely that people with low viral load levels are no longer contagious, but no threshold has been set by the medical community.

“I’m fine!”

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CDC guidelines say for people who have had mild or moderate Covid-19, isolation and precautions can be discontinued 10 days after symptoms appear and once they have no longer had a fever. for 24 hours. For more severe cases, guidelines say it can take up to 20 days after symptoms appear – but the intensity of Donald Trump’s case has not been released.

Well-respected scientist Anthony Fauci said he was convinced the president’s medical team would not let him out if he was still contagious: “I can guarantee you they will test him before they let him out,” he said. he told CBS News.

The president, who was hospitalized from October 2 for three days, on Saturday marked his return to the race for the November 3 election with a White House address delivered to several hundred supporters. “I’m fine!” Said Donald Trump, all smiles, at the beginning of a twenty-minute speech during which he appeared in good shape. The White House has announced that it will resume its campaign meetings at the start of next week, at an intense pace: Florida Monday, Pennsylvania Tuesday, Iowa Wednesday.


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