Who is Ludovic Bertin, the man who admitted to having strangled Victorine?

Who is Ludovic Bertin, the man who admitted to having strangled Victorine?

Ludovic Bertin was indicted for kidnapping, forcible confinement and murder preceded by a crime in the Victorine Dartois case. He faces life imprisonment.

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“It is indeed Mr. Ludovic Bertin”. The suspect arrested Tuesday in the investigation into the death of young Victorine Dartois in Isère, a 25-year-old neighbor who did not know her, was indicted Thursday for murder preceded by attempted rape, announced the prosecution of Grenoble. Ludovic Bertin, 25, admitted some of the facts, including the strangulation of the young woman resulting, according to him, to an argument during a chance meeting around 7:00 p.m. on Saturday, September 26, the day the young woman disappeared. , said the deputy prosecutor of Grenoble Boris Duffau to the press.

Who is he ?

Mr. Duffau drew up a brief portrait of the suspect. Ludovic Bertin lives as a couple in Villefontaine (Isère). He is the father of an “infant” boy and he is the manager of a business. He is also known to the police and the judiciary. “He has already been sentenced to dozens of common law offenses,” confirmed Boris Duffau. According to BFMTV, these setbacks were “cases of carrying weapons, violence, narcotics” for which he benefited from “sentence adjustments”.

Video: Murder of Victorine: the main suspect faces “life” (Dailymotion)

“Le Dauphiné Libéré” devoted an article to this young man. Born May 25, 1995 in Vénissieux, he would have lost his father at the age of 9. “Smile on the lips, thumbs forward or middle fingers drawn up on the hood of a big Mercedes, riding on a two-wheeler or even holding a pitbull on a leash. On social networks, Ludovic Bertin has displayed his life for years. That of a millennial who has all the codes of the street. ”, writes the daily.

According to newspaper information, Mr. Bertin was considered at the time as “a little neighborhood boss” in Villefontaine. “He then frequented more experienced delinquents who indulged in carjackings and break-ins,” we can read. After having committed several thefts, acts of violence and traffic offenses, the offender is forced to wear an electronic bracelet for “several months”. In 2019, the Lyon court sentenced him for break-ins committed in eastern Lyon during 2017 and 2018, without him being imprisoned.

Does he have a link with Victorine Dartois?

According to Kelly Monteiro, lawyer for the family of Victorine Dartois, the suspect is “a person absolutely unknown” to the deceased and her family. He grew up in Bonnefamille, a few kilometers from Villefontaine, where his family has been living for more than twenty years. “It was in the village school that he completed his education. Like the Dartois children. He is also the same age as Victorine’s older brother. And Romane, one of Victorine’s sisters thinks she went to class with one of Ludovic Bertin’s brothers. Impossible, however, to make a link ”, writes the“ Dauphiné Libéré ”.

The suspect was indicted for kidnapping, forcible confinement and murder preceded by a felony. He faces life imprisonment.


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