Who is the best for Mexico on migration issues?

Who is the best for Mexico on migration issues?

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The administration of Donald Trump began separating families in May 2018 under its policy “zero tolerance”. Nowadays the parents of 545 children separated from their families on the northern border of Mexico have not been found. In front of presidential elections on November 3 in the United States, of the two candidates: Trump vs Biden, Who is the best for Mexico on migration issues?

Experts, convened by Unotv.com, answer who, of the formula Trump vs Biden, it could help the country more. They also delve into the campaign proposals of the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, and analyze the viability of your speech.

Thousands of families were separated in 2018, but amid an international protest, Trump ended the measure.

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Thousands of families were separated in 2018, but amid an international protest, Trump ended the measure.

Trump vs Biden: Who is best for the country?

The doctor Leticia Calderon Chelius, professor and researcher at the Mora Institute, believes that if there is a change in the presidency of the United States, it will be a “relief” for Mexico.

It will be a positiveI think you are going to see very different negotiation channels ”, says the researcher.

For her part, the doctor Catalina Pérez Correa, professor and researcher at the Center for Economic Research and Teaching (CIDE), coincides with the specialist in migration issues. And he stresses that it would be terrible for the nation if Trump won.

“There are promising promises from Biden’s side, there are work proposals on the issue of migration, arms control, drug policies and the bilateral relationship”adds the CIDE professor. But he warns that in the past, Barack Obama also made a series of promises that never materialized with the Hispanic community.

Biden says he seeks to secure America's values ​​

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Biden says he seeks to secure America’s values ​​”as a nation of immigrants.” Photo: Reuters.

What are the proposals of Joe Biden about migration?

The Democratic candidate promised that He would stop in the first 100 days of his government different immigration policies imposed by President Donald Trump, which according to Biden, have created “a humanitarian crisis” on the border with Mexico.

Joe Biden’s proposals related to migration:

  • End the separation of families.
  • Reset the program IF, or also known as “dreamers”.
  • Rescind travel bans to different countries, to which Trump imposed migratory vetoes (Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Nigeria, Eritrea, Burma and Kyrgyzstan).
  • Resume asylum policies.

Regarding these proposals, Dr. Catalina Pérez Correa believes that some of them could change current decisions , specifically, those related to separation of families and the reestablishment of measures to protect the “dreamers”.

However, the CIDE expert assures that the Biden’s immigration plan, which is part of his project called “Battle for the nation”, could not be fully achieved in the time projected by the former vice president.

Biden has a plan to stop migration from Central America to the United States, he has an investment plan for this region, the problem is that those kinds of programs work long term, not in 100 days“.

Calderón Chelius agrees that indeed there are policies imposed by Trump that can be reversed, but stresses that there is no “substantial difference”Between the two politicians on issues such as asylum applications.

There could be an opening that helps Mexico because it would allow many people who pass through our country to reach the United States to have a chance. However, that does not mean that their cases will be approved by the local courts ”, assures Calderón Chelius.

“It will not be resolved, it is likely that it will be streamlined and channels will be opened, but let’s not trust that this will change diametrically because the American discourse towards the massive arrival to its territory is very sensitive ”, he concludes.

Trump vs Biden: the other walls that the US president built

Under this same speech, the Democratic candidate for the White House also promised to finish with the wall project promoted by President Trump.

Specialists agree that the wall with Mexico, a campaign promise that led Donald Trump to win the presidency in 2016, was never built, however, the US president created other types of walls to stop migration.

Through a series of decrees and internationally criticized policies such as the separation of children from their parents at the border, Trump has stopped migration.

The wall was not built in the United States, but yes to the south of Mexico. We are paying the costs in terms of militarization, in the conditions in which the migrants are now and in the resources, ”emphasizes Pérez Correa.

It also implemented the Migrant Protection Protocols (PPM), a policy that returns non-Mexican immigrants to Mexico while their asylum applications are processed in US immigration courts.


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