Who teaches also learns

Who teaches also learns

Empty classrooms in recent months may give the impression that the second largest education group in the country, Yduqs, has little work. It is the opposite of that. Since last year, the company has lived with an intense pace of new news, with more reason to celebrate than to worry. In 2019, its student base grew 10% and surpassed the mark of 570 thousand enrolled. In 2020, the company recorded another increase of almost 10% in the volume of freshmen, both in classroom courses and in distance education (EAD). “We made decisive decisions so that our results would remain positive,” said Adriano Pistore, vice president of Yduqs. “As in 15 days we had to close 110 campuses throughout Brazil, we are looking for ways to maintain classes and preserve the interaction of teachers with students remotely”, said the executive, referring to the pandemic.

In partnership with the American company Microsoft, which owns the Teams meeting platform, Yduqs managed to implement distance classes for about 300 thousand students in just one week. This required mobilizing the entire team of teachers and technology developers, training more than 8,000 teachers for non-classroom teaching and distributing appropriate equipment to all of them. None of this would be possible without quality internet access. For this, the group needed to make agreements with the telephone operators in the country to guarantee the connection. “We already had the expectation that 2020 would be very strong for EAD, but the pandemic has accelerated all these forecasts,” said Pistore.

According to him, Yduqs did not feel any significant impact on its operations in the first half. Even the temporary effect on the result is seen as positive. “We had to give up a portion of the revenue to guarantee the permanence of students who had their income affected by the pandemic, and we decided to distribute full scholarships to 31 thousand students,” said the executive. The result was affected by the granting of discounts of R $ 67.5 million referring to the Estácio com Você scholarship program – from Estácio de Sá University – and a reduction in revenue from the on-site segment, impacted by a 53% reduction in revenues from Fies.

Adriano Pistore Company: Yduqs Position: Vice President Main management performance: Provide technical and infrastructure support to 350 thousand students and more than 8 thousand teachers for distance learning (EAD).

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Adriano Pistore Company: Yduqs Position: Vice President Main management: Providing technical and infrastructure support to 350 thousand students and more than 8 thousand teachers for distance learning (EAD).

For this reason, Yduqs recorded a loss of R $ 79.5 million in the second quarter, reversing a profit of R $ 194.7 million in the same period of 2019. Last year, the group’s financial result was the highest among the companies of education in the country, which guaranteed first place in the yearbook THE BEST OF MONEY 2020. This year, the company’s revenue grew 3.5% from April to June, to R $ 991.1 million, in the annual comparison. “For us, more important than a temporary impact on the numbers is the permanence of our students for the next few years,” said Pistore. In this context of changes, Yduqs wants to go shopping. After the announcement that the competitor Ser Educacional closed a business intention agreement with Laureate Brasil, Yduqs entered the dispute. If the offensive succeeds, the group will incorporate 50 university campuses and about 267,000 Laureate students.

About the pandemic, Yduqs believes that it is learning to work by uniting classroom and virtual. According to Pistore, 100% of the classrooms will have high quality wifi so that the classes are interactive. “We found that 94% of the students approved of our reaction to isolation and our new remote teaching technologies,” he said. After all, those who teach also learn. With or without crisis.

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