Why burst ventilation is so important

Why burst ventilation is so important

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Everyone should add the letter S to the AHA basic rule for containing the coronavirus. Because ventilation reduces the risk of transmission – you just have to do it right.In addition to everyday masks, keeping your distance and hand washing, another Corona precautionary measure is becoming increasingly important in the cold season: regular ventilation.

Because now you usually stay indoors more often than in spring and summer.

In poorly ventilated rooms, the likelihood of transmission through airborne Aerosols but higher, explains the Tropical physician Emil Reisinger from Rostock.

Corona: risk of infection via aerosols

“In addition to droplets, the much smaller aerosols are the main means of transmission Coronaviren, albeit to a lesser extent, “says Reisinger.

While the heavy droplets sink quickly to the ground, the lighter aerosols could float in the air for a long time and thus distribute themselves in closed rooms.

Video: how often should you ventilate? (SAT 1)

No risk of catching a cold through ventilation

The doctor considers the supposed increasing risk of colds, because the rooms cool down due to the intermittent ventilation, to be unfounded.

If you are properly ventilated, nobody needs to be afraid of it.

“If the room is ventilated briefly for a few minutes, the room hardly cools down.” All objects and also the walls kept the room temperature and give off this stored heat again.

Correct ventilation – this is how it works!

The Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (Baua) advises For example, to ventilate the room for three to ten minutes – in meeting rooms after every 20 minutes of sitting together, in offices after every hour.


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