Why do we have one testicle lower than the other?

Why is one testicle lower than the other?

Why do we have one testicle lower than the other?

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Why do we have one testicle lower than the other?

Human beings are naturally asymmetrical

Nature is able to create surprising and harmonious forms which fascinate poets as much as mathematicians thanks to their perfect symmetry. Alas, these are not humans.

Indeed, whether inside or outside, our body is absolutely not symmetrical, and sometimes even certain elements change place. Indeed, symmetry would not make your organism more functional: we must not forget that a living being takes a form which allows it above all to survive, not to be beautiful. Also, whether it is the distribution of the structure of your brain, of your heart or, as here, of your genitals, nothing in you is uniform.

To see this, look at yourself intently in a mirror and look the shape and size of your eyes. So, coming back to our testicles, men are also the result of this disparity in their crotch, so your testicles are not the same.

A difference in weight

Now, let’s get to the heart of the matter, the phenomenon that causes one of your testicles to hang more than the other. The reason is simple: one of them is heavier than the other because it is more developed. By its weight, gravity naturally causes it to be more attracted to the ground and therefore to hang more pronounced.

It’s also worth noting that your age is also a factor, because aging bursa skin tends to naturally lower your organs down over time.

However, you have nothing to fear from this phenomenon: tit does not affect the functioning of your testicles in any way and is perfectly natural.

Should we be interested in the appearance of his testicles?

The answer to this question is yes. Although the phenomenon we have described above is perfectly natural, there are other identifiable manifestations in your genitals that can be the cause of health problems.

Any swelling and pain in this part of the anatomy should be monitored carefully. Some physical symptoms may appear due to the following phenomena:

  • Epididymitis which is a swelling of the ducts used by sperm in the testes. It can be felt by abdominal pain and while urinating.
  • L’orchite is a painful swelling of one of the two testicles that occurs when the individual suffers from mumps.
  • The cyst may be the cause of a heavier testicle, most of the time without impact, it should nevertheless be monitored.
  • Hydrocele is a discharge of liquid in the bursa, a benign phenomenon, it can nevertheless make the scrotum swell enormously.
  • The last and most serious on this list: testicular torsion actually refers to the twisting of blood vessels that is due to shock. It creates a sharp, sharp pain that must be treated urgently.

Remember, however, that all these phenomena will not necessarily happen to you and that you should not overreact to the slightest change in your scrotum either.


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