Why doesn’t Boca sell Villa if he doesn’t play?

Why doesn't Boca sell Villa if he doesn't play?

Sebastián Villa trains but does not play official or friendly matches.

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Sebastián Villa trains but does not play official or friendly matches.

The news is to the bone: Atlético Mineiro returned to the charge for Sebastian Villa, the forward for whom he had already made three other proposals in this same market: two for a loan and one for the purchase of 50%. The latter is also for the middle of the pass but for a higher figure: something like U $ S 7,500,000 gross, to be paid in two installments. However, again obstacles appeared on the part of Boca. Why don’t they sell it if they don’t use it? Why else is the decision not to play for the duration of the court case? Why?

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The first answer is that Villa is sanctioned by the court case, but that does not mean that Boca does not value him sportively. After several twists and turns during the months without face-to-face training, the pressure that the leadership received days after the return of the competition made the Football Council led by Riquelme decide that the forward was not taken into account by Miguel Russo, in a measure that caused different opinions both outside and inside the club.

“I was always a warrior”



Thus, nothing more than in these last two months, they were at least six refusals that Boca gave to foreign teams, between four to Miner, another to Sporting Lisbon and the rest to Getafe, in addition to a survey of Los Angeles Galaxy.

But while some thought that the best was let the colombian go To close a troubled story and prevent it from losing value, others felt that It was not necessary to give a figure of the team and much less reward with a transfer that does not meet expectations, so the sanction also seems to include not letting go to a team in which he would win “20 times more than in Boca.”

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In between, the round trip with Villa and the different clubs was not easy. On the one hand, the striker got angry, he planted that he did not want to play at the club again, crossed with the Council, spoke with Ameal and then relaxed to make himself available to Russo. For another, there were tensions with the Mineiro, for the unorthodox way of responding by the leadership, with informal words and without a counter offer. “It seems that they boludean”, they told Olé. And so the situation became puzzling.

Even before this new contact from Mineiro, the answer was neither yes nor no to the economic proposal, but an email asking who would carry out the negotiation, as a complaint So a few weeks ago Sergio Sette Camara, president of the Brazilian club, said when the arrival of the Colombian fell with very crude phrases on social networks about the extra-sports situation.

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Although Boca has 70% of Villa, which is equivalent to 5,250,000 in gross, the figure is higher than the 4,000,000 for which Emanuel Reynoso left without problems and puts the Council against the sword and the wall. And although Villa was the undisputed starter and Bebelo was not, the number is very close to what was intended, it is almost impossible to refuse. “They already have the offer, that’s it. It depends on Boca. It is not the first time that we have this type of situation. It happened with Ábila, Izquierdoz and Reynoso. The same is happening with Villa. On the other hand, with Racing Zaracho closed quickly … ”, they told Olé from the Mineiro, and warned that the fact that the Academy midfielder is already a reinforcement does not disable Villa’s arrival, now that in Brazil reopen the pass market.

As things are planned, the future of the Colombian is once again in the hands of Riquelme y Cía., Between accepting the offer and maintaining the punishment of his favorite Villain.

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