Why Globo won’t broadcast Peru x Brazil and how to watch the game

Why Globo won't broadcast Peru x Brazil and how to watch the game

A Brazilian Team faces Peru for the second round of Qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup this Tuesday, the 13th, starting at 9 pm (Brasília time). The fan, however, will not be able to watch the game so easily. THE TV Globo, the broadcaster that has become the home of Brazil in recent decades, has not reached an agreement to guarantee the rights of the match and will not broadcast the confrontation – it is the first time this has happened since a friendly against Argentina, in 2017. The commitment will be displayed over the internet, in the streaming service EI Plus – the subscription costs 13.90 reais per month.

Game in Lima starts at 9pm (Brasília time)

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Game in Lima starts at 9pm (Brasília time)

Early Tuesday evening, the executive secretary of the Ministry of Communications Fabio Wajngarten confirmed that the TV Brazil it will also display the match between Peru and Brazil. An agreement with CBF allowed the confrontation to be shown on the channel. The prerogative, however, was not the maximum entity of Brazilian football, since the rights, which belonged to the Peruvian national team, who ordered the match, were negotiated with the company Mediapro.

CBF issued a statement explaining the situation. The organization says it waited for the outcome of the negotiations between Brazilian TV stations and the company that owns the rights, but, as there was no agreement, it decided to guarantee the transmission of the game. “To this end, it negotiated the purchase of the rights under conditions that exclusively allow broadcasting by public open TV in the country and on the entity’s official website ”.

Bruno Maia, ex-vice president of marketing for Vasco da Gama, specialist in innovation and new business in the sports industry, and partner of 14, a strategic content agency, explained that in the negotiation model for broadcasting rights used in the Qualifiers, visiting team to negotiate their matches. For this reason, the agreement made by CBF is contrary to market rules and creates insecurity in companies. “It is a decision that does not help the feeling of a free market among private entities and affects the feeling of exclusivity that may have influenced the purchase of digital platform companies”.

The negotiation of transmission rights carried out by Conmebol it is similar to what was agreed in Brazil by Provisional Measure 984/2020, popularly known as the “MP of the Principal”. The ten teams participating in the South America Playoffs can negotiate the games they will play at home. To transmit a game of the Brazilian team as a visitor, a broadcaster needs to guarantee the rights of other confederations.

Mediapro bought the rights to the Peruvian national team’s games at home and also from other South American teams. The company has a package that includes eight of Brazil’s ten games as a visitor in the qualifiers. Globo tried to reach an agreement to be able to show the matches on open TV and on the SporTV subscription channel, but did not want to pay the 20 million dollars (110 million reais) required by Mediapro. Therefore, the confrontation against Peru was left out of the grid – there is still a risk that other matches will not be shown.

“Globo has the rights to broadcast the matches of the World Cup Qualifiers that take place in Brazil and Argentina. In the last few months, we have sought understanding with the rights holders of other games, always within the current market conditions. There was no agreement, but we remain open to dialogue, ”said the Rio de Janeiro’s press office in a statement.

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