Why is it important to celebrate children’s birthdays

Why is it important to celebrate children's birthdays

I was one of those who thought that birthday it was one more day and celebrate it a simple pretext to spend. You know, the perfect invention of marketing to stimulate consumption. But the truth is that it is very important for children, its value is deeper than I thought and I will explain why.

They are memories that stay a lifetime

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They are memories that stay a lifetime

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Birthday psychology

Christian Helson, author of the book Little birthday psychology, explained psychologically it is very beneficial to give importance to birthdays, especially in childhood and adolescence. They are those stages in which celebrating it or not can mark the psychology of our children.

According to the author, the birthday party is a useful way to check emotional ties and family encounters. It is a demonstration of good wishes and gratifications, it is a way of reaffirming the self-confidence of children because they feel loved. They are things that they remember for a lifetime.

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Why do they need to feel loved

Beyond the party and gifts, by celebrating another year in the lives of our children, we are telling them that their existence is fundamental for us and that we are happy about it. It is the way to fill the need for affection that all human beings have.

With that simple gesture we tell them that their day is special for us. It is time to fulfill your dreams, to the best of our ability. We can prepare the decoration (however simple it may be), buy him a cake with his favorite hero … All these details are a way of expressing affection and the little ones perceive it.

When I realized everything that impacts the psychology of children, I realized that in my case I was seldom celebrated, indeed, sometimes they even forgot. We must not judge our parents, but if we can do better with our children, let us not hesitate.

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Fundamental to create self-esteem

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"Nothing good happens after 2 am": It is not so much the time as not to make any impulsive decision, much less if you are stressed, awake, drunk or sleepy.

I know that love must be expressed every day, but celebrating the day they were born is a step for our children to grow up strong and with self-esteem. Something important: always teach them to be grateful for what they have.

After learning how this moment influences the psychology of children, I do not let a birthday pass without celebrating, as I can: a movie out, a cupcake, a small meeting or something a little bigger with their friends. Money is the least of it, what matters is that you are with the people you love.

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