Why you shouldn’t peel ginger

Why you shouldn't peel ginger

Also, do you always peel ginger before using it? It would be better if you leave the bowl on

Why you shouldn't peel ginger iStockphoto

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Why you shouldn’t peel ginger iStockphoto

Ginger is an all-rounder. The small yellow tuber helps with colds because it strengthens the immune system – it has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. But all of this is best when ginger is allowed to keep its skin. As with other plants, the effective ingredients are located directly under the peel.

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So when you add the ginger to your cold tea, an immune-boosting smoothie or Ginger shots you should leave the peel on the ginger. Just make sure that you buy organic ginger and wash the tuber warm beforehand.

Use the ginger on the other hand to add to your Asian dish or the like. To add more flavor, you can remove the peel if you prefer. By the way, this trick works very easily.

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