Will Mertens join the Devils? “We will try to get him to come until the end”

 Will Mertens join the Devils?

Placed in quarantine following cases of Covid-19 in the workforce of Napoli, Dries Mertens has not (yet?) Been able to join the group of the Red Devils.

Mertens Dries - Martinez Roberto

© photonews
Mertens Dries – Martinez Roberto

This is one of the big questions this Saturday before the match against England: will Mertens be present or not? “We have to see if things can change in 24 hours, but I don’t think Mertens will be able to join us”, explains Roberto Martinez.

In recent weeks, cases of Covid-19 have been detected in Naples and Italian authorities have ordered quarantine for Mertens and his teammates. But this Saturday, Napoli announced on Twitter that no player had tested positive. What to change the situation?

“It is unfair for a motivated player like Dries not to be able to join the selection. We will do everything to try to bring him,” concludes Martinez.


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