Wish thrown out! RTL lets its dream burst

 Wish thrown out! RTL lets its dream burst

Ex-“Bachelor“Andrej Mangold (33) ensured with his participation in RTL-“Summer house of the stars“for heated discussions. After his verbal attacks on his ex-girlfriend and the runner-up of his season, Eva Benetatou (28), all of Germany was horrified by the supposed clean man. There were hateful comments for the basketball player, he was accused of bullying. And what does Andrei himself say in his defense? The 33-year-old now comments on the allegations for the first time on Instagram.

Ex- "Bachelor" Andrej Mangold: First words after the bullying allegations

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Ex- “Bachelor” Andrej Mangold: First words after the bullying allegations

Andrej and Jennifer kept a low profile on the subject of the “Summer House of the Stars”. In contrast to the last Bachelor season. In the video below you can get an idea of ​​the assessments of the “Bachelor” couple. So much can be revealed: The two biggest fans of Sebastian Pannek’s season are not …

First words after the bullying allegations

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First words after the bullying allegations

Andrej Mangold wants to comment on the bullying allegations

The Bachelor: Andrej Mangold on the current episode: “I am extremely shocked”



On the show Andrej and his girlfriend Jennifer Lange (26) the receipt for their bad mood and have already received their statements. Eva kicked the sporty couple out of the summer house after a game. The fans find that they are completely at home. But what does the Rosenkavalier himself say? On Sunday evening (October 11th), the Hanoverian made the following statement: “We want to finally speak plainly and face the allegations! The reunion show of the” Summer House of the Stars “is currently being recorded and edited. Would you be interested in a live broadcast, to really see the whole truth ?! “

“Summer house of the stars”: Annemarie Eilfeld: “Of course there was a crash there, worlds collide”



Live show? That’s what RTL says!

In fact, many fans would have liked a live reunion of the brawlers, but life is not a request concert. Compared to “bild.de” RTL explains: “Like all previous episodes, the ‘Summer House of the Stars – Fight of the Celebrity Couples’ is not live. And as usual, ‘The great reunion’ is not live either.” This means that Andrej and Jennifer’s dream of an uncut discussion should have burst. Nonetheless, the couple can also comment on the allegations on a recorded broadcast. In all likelihood, nobody will stop them from doing this.

Annemarie Eilfeld saw a traveling row coming. Why, she explains in the video.

Violent allegations from Yeliz Koc and Christian Tews’ wife

Andrej Mangold already blamed the editing of the show for the fact that he and Jenny got off so badly. At the same time, more and more celebrities reported who unpacked themselves about their experiences with the ex “Bachelor”. Among other things, Yeliz Koc (26), who participated in the “Bachelor” season in 2018. Andrej refused to pose for a picture together with her and ex Johannes Haller (32). The athlete also said, with little charm: “No, not with those two.” And according to the beautiful brunettes “with a really disgusting look”. Claudia Tews (40), wife of ex- “Bachelor” Christian Tews (40), also criticized the supposed Prince Charming. Is Andrej Mangold as mean as he is in the Summer house of the stars seen has or not? It remains exciting.

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