With a virtual march and caravans, Peronism makes its show of force

With a virtual march and caravans, Peronism makes its show of force

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Loyalty Day will present a Peronism united and multitudinous in a scenario that seeks to leave behind not only the discussion on the street with the opposition, but also internal differences within the alliance who won the presidential election almost a year ago. Alberto Fernández will be the speaker in front of thousands of militants who will connect virtually and others who will choose to mobilize in a caravan. Until the last moment, the Government sought to discourage the bases from marching to Plaza de Mayo, convinced that caring for citizens in the face of the pandemic is until now the most valued management by citizens.

“No official of ours can be in the street if the militants go out”, says one of the men closest to the President and details that in his own surveys, the appreciation of the coronavirus administration remains above 60 percent. “It is the most valuable capital we have, we cannot lose it”, insists on the management of the quarantine that, given the increase in infected and deceased in recent weeks, has been adding criticism.

The idea of ​​mobilizing through a caravan was promoted by Hugo Moyano. Fernández thanked but asked not to overflow while his officials made calls for unionists, territorial leaders and mayors to contain the militants. One of the orders was received by the bank owner, Sergio Palazzo through the Chief of Staff, Santiago Cafiero.

The district chiefs seek to contain the mobilization in their municipalities so that the cars do not reach the Federal Capital. They also know that this time the groups are prohibited.

Within hours of the Justicialist Party showing itself united again, two questions remain: ¿Cristina Kirchner will participate? Will this Saturday be the day that Fernández will be offered to lead the game?

The Vice President has not yet confirmed her attendance. His link with organic Peronism was never the best. The last party congress he participated in was in 2004 when he discussed with Hilda “Chiche” Duhalde for the “bearing of surname.” In 2007, the seal with which he became president was the Frente para la Victoria, which cost the Kirchners the expulsion of the party that the brothers had kept at that time. Rodríguez Saá. Cristina also did not want to fulfill the mandate to command the party during her presidency, a position that Néstor assumed until the defeat of 2009 in the province of Buenos Aires.

Last year, days before announcing the presidential candidacy of Alberto Fernández, Cristina returned to the PJ headquarters on Matheu Street and it celebrated the last Loyalty Day in La Pampa with an electoral victory in the August internal elections. Days ago, the governor of La Rioja, Ricardo Quintela, said that he would be offered the vice presidency of the party, something that seems still far away.

During the months of pandemic, the vice president only participated in two events. It was the announcements of the debt restructuring. For this reason, until now his presence in the PJ is unknown, especially since the relationship with the leadership of the General Confederation of Labor also passed with surprises.

Therefore, in the schedule of the event only Fernández appears as the sole speaker. The President is expected to speak at the union headquarters on Azopardo Street shortly before 5:00 p.m., at which time the anthem will be sung in the different parts of the country that will be grouped through the platform www.75octubres.ar.

The Government’s objective is to show all sectors of the alliance united. All the forces of the Frente de Todos, social movements and trade unionists will be represented. They discourage the CGT leadership from offering the party leadership on the spot since they assess that the meeting should be much more than “Strengthening the figure of the President”. This discussion promises to continue until the hours before the event begins.


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