With these 12 make-up tips you will immediately look younger

With these 12 make-up tips you will immediately look younger

Why complicated, expensive and painful when it can be much easier? You don’t need cosmetic surgery to look radiant and fresh. With simple and quick make-up tips you can for example find wrinkles and dark ones eye bags just remove make-up. Here are the best tricks for the perfect glow make-up that instantly makes you look younger.

Glow-Make-up Imaxtree

© Imaxtree
Glow-Make-up Imaxtree

How younger is makeup? 12 steps to a younger look

1. Moisture is the key to glow make-up

A delicate glow and a fresher look don’t start with make-up, but with the right base. And the following applies: Stay hydrated! To optimally prepare the skin for make-up, should not be spared on skin care. In addition to a healthy diet with plenty of fluids, this is the best tip for beautiful skin that looks young.

For the Glow-Look preferably one before applying make-up Anti-Aging care Instruct. Nourishing beauty products with active ingredients such as Hyaluron or vitamin C.

2. Prime to shine

This make-up product has long been part of the standard repertoire of every woman for photo and film shoots: the Primer. It is the best basis for a youthful, radiant complexion, simulates evenness and smoother skin and prevents foundation pigments from settling in wrinkles and pores. All of this makes you look younger.

Radiance primers with a slight shimmer provide extra glow for the face.

Shimmer make-up: this is how you make up younger Imaxtree

© Imaxtree
Shimmer make-up: this is how you make up younger Imaxtree

3. Use less foundation to look younger

keyword Foundation: Avoid using too much and strongly covering formulations, because this ruins the natural glow of the skin and is unattractive in wrinkles and pores. It is better to use a CC cream and cover imperfections on the face with concealer. A flat brush is suitable for application.

Stay away from too much powder – it will ruin the glow. If you want radiant skin and a beautiful shimmer, you should choose a foundation or CC cream with light-reflecting elements. On the other hand, a finish that is too matt makes the complexion look pale. Foundations that protect against UV rays are perfect for the anti-aging effect.

4. Use concealer – the right way!

Veins, shadows under the eyes and fine lines are hydrated with a Concealer covered. Tip: Liquid concealer moisturizes at the same time and does not settle in the wrinkles.

The right concealer shade is one or two shades lighter than the foundation. And: Concealer belongs about the primer.

If you want to cover dark circles under the eyes, you should also use yellow nuances in the concealer. The reason? Yellow tones neutralize blue circles and tired eyes look immediately awake.

By the way, the application is very harmonious with a moistened beauty blender.

Video: Warning! Make-up can be so harmful to our skin (News.de)

5. Make-up with a glow effect: a highlighter sets highlights

Shimmer moments can be made up with a highlighter in glow colors such as champagne or peach. Start at the temples and pull up. Since the skin is thin here, use liquid highlighter – Puder can settle and become brittle. That makes the skin look old.

6. For the young glow make-up look: softly blush

Essential to make-up the glow look is Blush. Best in rosé or apricot (suit every complexion) and better cream than powder blush. Shimmering particles are essential for youthful glow make-up, while glitter is counterproductive.

If necessary, a lipstick in pink or peach will do the trick. Simply dab lightly on the cheeks and work into the skin with your fingertips.

7. Again primer – but on the lid

Specially developed eye shadow and lip primers prevent this from happening Make-up dissolves in the course of the day (makes it look old!). Another beauty plus: with eyeshadow primer, the eye make-up does not creep suspiciously into the creases of the eyelids.

8. Anti-aging tip: Creamy eyeshadow instead of powder

Cream eyeshadow is recommended for skin that is no longer very young, because it does not settle in the crease as easily as powder. It immediately makes you look younger and fresher. With drooping eyelids, cream eyeshadow even has a real lifting effect: simply place your finger on the outer edge of the eyelid and blend inwards.

When choosing a color, it is better to use natural make-up instead of using dark smokey eyes. The look works with neutral tones such as taupe or rosé. Finally, dab some shimmering eye shadow or highlighter into the inner corners of the eyes for the glow. That opens the eyes and gives a classy look.

9. Eyeliner on the upper eyelid – not the bottom

We remember the thick black bars around the eyes, without which nothing would work as a teenager. Our delicate 13-year-old face may have cope with the beauty-technically, but it looks different with increasing age. Too much eyeliner makes the eyes look smaller.

For the opposite effect, draw a thin line on the upper lash line, this visually thickens the lashes. If you still want to use eyeliner on the waterline, then only in beige. And: Liquid liners paint more delicately than thick kohl pencils.

10. Eyes (brow)!

With the eyes they play for the young appearance eyebrows the main role. You mustn’t be too thin – that easily makes ten years older. It is best to let the eyebrows grow naturally and if so, then only have them plucked by a professional. You should also keep your fingers off of eyebrow pencils, as they often look too hard. Eyebrow mascara is better.

When applying make-up, it is important to dab highlighter gently under the brows. This visually enlarges the eye area.

Beauty-Tipp: If the full eyebrows just don’t want to appear on their own, growth-promoting serums help.

Make-up with a glow effect: Imaxtree make up your eyes

© Imaxtree
Make-up with a glow effect: Imaxtree make-up for eyes

11. Apply thickly with glow make-up

… you can come with Mascara in black or brown. Full lashes make the eyes sparkle and look big. This optically masked even drooping eyelids. An eyelash curler also brings fresh momentum. But this absolutely in front use the mascara.

12. Lip liner and lipstick

No matter what your favorite color is: Matte textures may look cool and are in line with the beauty trend, but they are less flattering. Since the lip volume decreases with age, prefer to use glossy particles in the Lip product put – that brings more volume and is guaranteed to be more compatible than lip fillers.

Dark tones also make the lips narrower. For young, full lips, prefer warm, soft colors such as rose or mauve and gloss.

It is also important to outline the lips accurately, for example with colorless Lipliner. In this way, the make-up product does not run into small wrinkles around the mouth.

Tip: A splash of highlighter on the heart of the lips – the central area between the nose and lips – makes the lips look more voluminous.


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