With these 5 tricks you can achieve the layered look in autumn and winter

With these 5 tricks you can achieve the layered look in autumn and winter

Styling now becomes shift work. But layering, i.e. wearing several pieces of clothing on top of each other, not only keeps you warm: With the layered look, we can finally wear our beloved summer items even in colder weather and have endless possibilities to combine our own wardrobe. Five fashion tips for successful layering

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Ob Pullunder, Dresses, shirts or sweaters: many items of clothing are suitable for the layering fashion trend. You can find out which tricks and tricks are important for a successful layered look here:

Layered look tip 1: the right length

In order for the layering effect to really set in, the layers of clothing (the layers) – such as dresses, pants, shirts and jackets – should be clearly different in length.

Layered look tip 2: the right foundation

A slim basic belongs in every layered look – be it skinny pants, a dress or a tight (turtleneck) sweater, otherwise the layered look will be too voluminous.

Layered look tip 3: the right mix

Opposites are particularly attractive when layering: wide blouses go with narrow pants, a transparent tunic with opaque shirts, romantic dresses under rock jackets, finer materials like silk and chiffon go with coarse ones like knitwear, leather and fake fur.

Layered look tip 4: Don’t overdo it

The combination of four to five pieces is the layer maximum – also be economical with the accessories. It is best to avoid anything that looks too voluminous.

Layered look tip 5: This is how it becomes particularly classy

Plain-colored layering looks in black, white, camel or gray nuances in combination with high-quality, flowing fabrics look particularly chic with a layered look. How to combine skirts, dresses, jackets and sweaters in the most beautiful tone-on-tone look, you will find out below:

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