“Without an audience, football is dead”


In several countries, fans are already admitted in limited numbers to the stadiums. But this is not yet the case everywhere.

isaac thelin sidney sam

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isaac thelin sidney sam

In Sweden, for example, the stadiums are always empty, much to the frustration of Isaac Kiese Thelin, who plays in Malmö where he is on loan from Anderlecht.

The striker shared his frustration via social networks: “The clubs have made proposals to organize everything, to take everything in hand. Without an audience, football is dead.”

“Why some sectors are opening and not ours. The clubs have found safe solutions for our big stadiums, but all the proposals have been met with a refusal. In the meantime, the light has turned green for nightlife and others things…”

Thelin’s criticism came after a video was shared at a crowded nightclub.


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