Without plenaries, Congress must have Salles in the Senate and the Chamber to watch the CMO

Without plenaries, Congress must have Salles in the Senate and the Chamber to watch the CMO

The Congress week, which is shorter because of the October 12 holiday, is expected to be less busy. Both the Chamber and the Senate are in a kind of informal recess, with no vote scheduled in their plenary sessions.

The facade of the National Congress, Chamber and Senate, in Brasilia

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The facade of the National Congress, Chamber and Senate, in Brasilia

A Senate committee that accompanies fire fighting in the Pantanal has public hearing with Minister Ricardo Salles (Environment) on Tuesday (13.out.2020). He confirmed his presence. The hearing will be remote, that is, held by videoconference.

The Chamber should have minor events until next week. On the 20th it is likely that the government proposal to encourage cabotage transport.

The main: CMO

But attention is focused on the dispute for the presidency of CMO (Mixed Budget Committee). Usually this decision is made by agreement, but chances are that the resolution will be in the vote this time.

The collegiate body is fundamental to decide the destination that the Union’s funds will have in the next year. As it is a mixed commission, who chooses the day of the decision is Davi Alcolumbre (DEM-AP), president of Congress.

He tries to buy time for a recomposition between deputies. There is unlikely to be a decision before next week. In the last session, there was an obstruction of the Chamber’s agenda because of the uncertainty about the CMO.

The parties are organized into blocks at the beginning of each year, and the largest group formed indicates the president of the CMO. The agreement in early 2020 was that the commission would be under Elmar Nascimento (DEM-BA). Over the course of the year, however, the arrangement was deteriorating.

Now, Arthur lira (PP-AL), leader of the bloc –of which MDB and DEM left– try to score Flávia Arruda (PL-DF) in office. Lira is the main name of Centrão na Câmara, a group of parties without a clear ideological color that supports governments of different orientations.

Elmar has in his favor the possibility for the opposition representatives on the committee to vote for him against Arthur Lira’s candidate because of the proximity between the deputy from Alagoas and the government. Its supporters expect votes from the PSDB. And the PSL must also vote for Elmar.

The DEM deputy told the Drive/Poder360 who wants to vote. “Whoever has changed has to go back or not”, declared. The report was unable to contact Flávia Arruda.

The PT, which can be decisive if the dispute does go to vote, avoids declaring support for 1 or the other side. He says it is the responsibility of the members of the largest bloc to get the name of the next CMO president right, and he prefers that no election is necessary.

“This is their problem, it is not our problem. We have no right to nominate anyone, they to solve their crisis. Especially because this fight, if not resolved between them, may also reflect on the chairmanship of other commissions. The position of the Workers’ Party is that whoever created the problem should solve it ”, declared the PT leader, deputy Enio Verri (PR).

Deputies and senators take turns at the helm of the CMO. This year it is the Chamber’s turn, so there is no senator in the race. It was up to Casa Alta to appoint the rapporteur, Marcio Bittar (MDB-AC).

Succession of Maia

The dispute for CMO is part of a larger competition, for the presidency of the Chamber of Deputies. The mandate of Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ) in front of the House ends in February.

If Elmar, the mayor’s supporter, wins, it will be a show of strength from Maia and will increase the influence of the current president of the House on his succession.

If Flávia Arruda wins, Arthur Lira gets stronger. Today, he is among the main candidates for the election by the command of the Chamber. The deputy approached the Plateau throughout 2020. Eventual victory by his group, both in the general election of the Chamber and in the CMO, may be good for the government.

Rossi Whale (MDB-SP) is possibly the strongest name of Rodrigo Maia’s group for succession at that time. Marcos Pereira (Republicanos-SP), vice-president of the House, is a pre-candidate and also has good influence in the group, in addition to being strong among evangelical deputies.

Another name cited as a possible candidate is that of Aguinaldo Ribeiro (PP-PB). However, he is from the same party as Lira, which could put him in an internal dispute. With less chances, the name of Marcelo ramos (PL-AM). Still, Fábio Ramalho (MDB-MG) e Captain Augusto (PL-SP) have been placing themselves as pre-candidates.


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