Woman travels 2,000 kilometers to meet virtual boyfriend; leaves her ‘planted’ and blocks in networks

 Woman travels 2,000 kilometers to meet virtual boyfriend; leaves her 'planted' and blocks in networks

The search for love online has gained strength over the years as technological innovations increase. Thanks to the new dating apps who have improved their algorithms, nowadays it is easier to find a person who shares your gustos, interests and wishes; However, Starting a relationship through the internet has its disadvantages, because in addition to the risk involved in providing your personal data to a unknown, you can also face a rejection.

Internet dating is becoming more frequent. (Shutterstock)

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Internet dating is becoming more frequent. (Shutterstock)

That was the case of a young American named Jasmine Triggs, who took to social networks to tell his moving story, which went viral in a short time. Jasmine She confessed that her virtual boyfriend left her planted in the place where their first meeting in person would be.

Young man reports rejection of his virtual boyfriend

The woman told her Twitter account that she traveled more than 2,000 kilometers to meet in person with a young man named Jamal, whom she met a year ago through a dating app.

However, not everything went as expected, because after arriving at the Houston airport, Jasmine discovered that Jamal had not only left her standing there but also blocked her from her social networks, such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.

According to the young woman in the Twitter thread, everything went from bad to worse, since she traveled with little money to the city of Jamal because they had agreed that he would help her with her expenses once she arrived at the place.

Before the trip, Jasmine indicated that she had a strange feeling, since Jamal had been absent in their conversations and, even, had been “curt and in a bad mood”.

After what happened, Jasmine tried to communicate with Jamal using three different phone numbers, calls that were answered by the young man; It was then that she decided not to insist any more.

Jasmine decided to tell her story on Twitter, where she showed the alleged evidence of her conversation and also received the support of Internet users.



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