yes to responsible multinationals

yes to responsible multinationals


The delegates of the Vert’liberals, gathered virtually, gave their slogans on Saturday for the votes of November 29. They recommend a yes to the initiative for responsible multinationals and a no to the initiative against war trading.

In the vote, the yes to the initiative “responsible companies – to protect the human being and the environment” (initiative for responsible multinationals) won by 105 votes for, 48 against and seven abstentions, according to the press release of left. A proposal to leave the freedom to vote was rejected by 108 votes to 48 and four abstentions.

For the majority of the delegates, the indirect counter-project of the Parliament and the Federal Council is ineffective and does not take into account the important problems raised by the initiative. “It is regrettable that Parliament has not succeeded in adopting a counter-project up to the stakes,” said Beat Flach, vice-president of the parliamentary group, quoted in the statement.

“It is clear that once the initiative is accepted, we will ensure that it is implemented respecting the principle of proportionality,” he also promised.

War Trade Initiative: No

The delegates also rejected the initiative “for a ban on the financing of producers of war material” (initiative against the war trade) by 104 votes to 29 with 12 abstentions. For Vert’liberals, the goals of the initiative are honorable, but the advocated approach is meaningless and raises questions.

Instead of preventing the production of equipment, or its use or export, the initiative attacks funding, they note. For the record, the initiative calls for the Swiss National Bank, foundations and state and occupational pension institutions, such as AVS, AI and pension funds to no longer be able to finance producers of war material.

The text also calls for the Federal Council to commit at national and international level so that the same conditions apply to banks and insurance companies.


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