You can save money when you fill up with Google Maps

Significantly passed the $ 1,900 mark

The navigation service from Google has already added a large number of additional extensions and new functions to the existing range of services. Thanks to a new function, drivers can now save a lot of money.

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Since October of this year, drivers no longer have to look up the cheapest fuel prices at the nearest petrol stations in separate apps or on Internet platforms, because this has to do with this Google Maps now a new feature.

Find the right gas pump thanks to Google Maps

The new function shows the current fuel prices at petrol stations in the vicinity. So far, you could only display petrol stations in the vicinity without receiving further information about the prices. This makes it easier for drivers to find the cheapest fuel price in the vicinity and thus to be able to refuel cheaply. After all, it is not uncommon for fuel prices to differ by several cents, even within towns. Especially since the prices are continuously changed and adjusted during the day. If you compare the petrol prices in advance of the refueling process, you can save a few euros per tank.

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How to use the new Google Maps function

To make use of the new function, you have to search for “petrol station” in the search field of the open Google Maps app. Thereupon all gas stations in the vicinity are displayed, both on a map and in a list view, in which the gas stations are then sorted by distance. Here, under the usual information about the petrol station, such as address or opening times, you will find the current price for a liter of Super 95. If you want information about the prices of other types of fuel, tap the petrol station.

Google Maps continues to accommodate motorists

In the meantime, Google Maps has launched a large number of different features and functions that are intended to benefit drivers in road traffic. For example, the navigation service uses a bar chart to show how heavy the traffic is at a certain time of the day, which means that so-called “rush hour” and very busy roads can be avoided. In addition, Google Maps systematically calculates the probable parking situation in the major cities of Darmstadt, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Munich and Stuttgart and shows where the users can statistically best park. According to the “Chip” portal, the function is to be extended to other cities in the future. If you want to arrive at your destination at a certain time, you can have Google Maps take over route planning. All relevant factors such as roadworks, rush hour and the general traffic situation are included in the calculation of the ideal departure time. editorial team


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