You go to Portugal, man!

You go to Portugal, man!

Ofek Malka soon won advice from Luana fans

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Ofek Malka soon won advice from Luana fans

As you saw in STARRING, Luana Piovani received a message from her ex-boyfriend, Ofek Malka, through Instagram! When posting an album with two photos, one of her and one of a jaguar, the actress wrote the following in the caption:

Mom left the cage.

The basketball player then commented:

Beautiful! Can you fly to Israel with these beautiful wings?

Pedro Scooby’s ex liked the comment, but didn’t respond – at least not openly.

The fans soon noticed the interaction and were divided between telling him to go to Portugal, where Luana lives, or to point out that the handsome guy was in a vacuum:

Jaguar doesn’t know how to fly !! You go to Portugal, man! Run.

Why don’t you travel to Portugal? Does she have to come to you, Ofek? (…) Laziness, said another follower, who received Luana’s support, as the actress liked the comment.

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If you really like her, take a flight to Portugal! Why does she alone have to spend a fortune to see him? Wake up! The star here is Luana!

Poor guy, guys … seriously … how sorry, so in love.

Recalling that recently the blonde received flowers from a mysterious person.

Just below, remember Luana’s loves!


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