You have never eaten a fried egg like this

You have never eaten a fried egg like this

An egg in a packet: What sounds like a grocery order is actually a reinterpretation of fried ice cream

Do you fancy a different kind of fried egg? ISTOCKPHOTO

Do you fancy a different kind of fried egg? ISTOCKPHOTO

For many, a delicious breakfast egg, scrambled eggs or fried egg is simply part of a successful breakfast. The favorite egg dish is usually routine and always prepared in the same way – but those who like to eat fried eggs can give the dish a new twist with this great trick. We present: the packet egg!

Ever since TikTok user “Sunnycuisine” shared a video of how he fries a fried egg and folds it into a cute mini package, the web has been crazy about the creation. Before we tell you how you can cook the packet egg at home, let’s first show you the viral clip, which has been viewed over four million times on TikTok:

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That’s how it’s done

  1. Pour some oil in a large non-stick pan and heat over medium heat.
  2. Separate the yolks and whites and cook the whites in the pan until they are firm.
  3. Turn down the heat and place the egg yolks in the middle of the egg white.
  4. Using a spatula, fold the egg white around the yolk so that it is completely enclosed (due to the risk of burns, we do not recommend using your fingers to fold as shown in the video).
  5. Fry the packet on all sides for a few more minutes so that it turns a nice golden brown color.

We find: A conventional fried egg can be prepared faster and with less effort. But the packet egg brings variety to the breakfast table! And especially on a Sunday when you have more time, you can experiment in the kitchen.


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