you need to plan so as not to chase

you need to plan so as not to chase

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Milan, 15 Oct (askanews) – Involving the trade unions in the search for the best solutions for the public transport system in a moment like the current one of full emergency, with the return to school and companies fully engaged. This was asked by the Secretary General of FAISA CISAL, Mauro Mongelli, in the aftermath of the meeting between the Ministry of Transport, Regions, Local Bodies and Companies on the management of public transport in this phase of growth of Covid-19 infections. “It is necessary that all stakeholders are involved in the research and development of possible solutions, in a systematic way, not only in the moment of emergency. We await a convocation by the Ministry of Transport and therefore direct involvement of all the social partners, together with companies and local authorities. All those who can bring a solution from simple listening. Both at national and regional level to be able to confirm that this transport system is safe, and people can travel safely “. According to Mongelli, there are innumerable critical issues in LPT to be overcome both at the system level and at the contingency level: for example, the issue of safety for users and personnel of means of transport. To guarantee it, it is essential to adapt resources. The Faisa Cisal slogan, “Program not to chase”, has never been as topical as it is in this period, he explained. “In these hours we are discussing the filling limits. 80 or 50? In the past, the union had made observations of the system: with the indications of the technical-scientific committee, which set distancing, hand washing, for local public transport it is fundamental distance. With 50 is respected. Passing from September to today to a limit of 80 per cent has posed a problem. Both represent important problems with respect to control: if it is entrusted to individuality and common sense in these hours the The average Italian is proving to have no common sense. Where there is no sanction everything is left to free will. This generates another theme, that of attacks on personnel who try to enforce these rules. whose safety is not guaranteed “” 80 percent certainly respect the needs of companies but do not guarantee distancing. 50 percent present another problem , that of lost revenues. Lack of income does not allow the same service or to have means and men available. The loss of income is the source of livelihood for companies. “The Colao plan envisaged a loss of revenue of one and a half billion for Italian transport companies. The resources made available are just over half. If we want to take into account the importance of the sector, according to Mongelli, we need to put our hands on resources.


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