You will snuggle into this jacket in autumn 2020

You will snuggle into this jacket in autumn 2020

You will snuggle into this trend jacket in autumn 2020

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You will snuggle into this trend jacket in autumn 2020

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Fluffy like your childhood teddy bear, warm and great to look at. The teddy jacket is the perfect piece of clothing for autumn and winter, especially in such uncertain years as 2020. The teddy jacket is available in a wide variety of colors, so that there are endless possible combinations. The pricing is also gratifying. You can often purchase the cozy pieces for less than 100 euros. You can also see from the low price that no animal had to lose its life for the teddy bear fur. Teddy jackets are always made from faux fur.

You will snuggle into this trend jacket in autumn 2020

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You will snuggle into this trend jacket in autumn 2020

Infinite combination possibilities with the teddy jacket

Whether you combine the teddy jacket with a dress or with jeans is entirely up to you. You always cut a good figure with a jacket. And since the teddy jacket is such a warming garment, the clothes underneath can be a little airy, which is even advisable. Because if you also wear a thick winter sweater under your voluminous jacket, you may look more corpulent than you actually are. The best tops that can be combined with a teddy jacket are blouses, thin tank tops or simple shirts.

The scarf as a fashionable accessory to the teddy jacket

A typical accessory that can be perfectly combined with a teddy jacket is a scarf that additionally warms and protects the neck area. If your teddy jacket has a simple color, such as beige or brown, the scarf can shine a little. Even a bright red scarf goes perfectly with the jacket and sets a real fashionable accent.

Should you choose to wear a dress under your teddy jacket, it is important to pay attention to the length. If the dress is shorter than the jacket, the wrong impression could be created … The teddy jacket works best in combination with a knee-length dress. If you then opt for black tights, you are on the safe side when it comes to fashion.

Teddy jacket – chic with a hat and cap

In the cold season, the head also needs warm clothing. And like the teddy jacket, it can be a little fluffy. A knitted hat complements the teddy jacket perfectly and makes you irresistible. You can also wear a hat on warmer days. The coolest thing is a classic men’s hat with a wide brim.

Some teddy jackets are also equipped with a hood. Then you can save yourself another headgear.

Shoes for a teddy jacket – elegant lady or cowgirl

When choosing the footwear for the teddy jacket, you can also add fashionable accents. You choose a conscious break in style when the teddy jacket is combined with elegant pumps. The viewer is thus suggested that there is an elegant lady under the comfortable and fluffy teddy jacket. Of course, in this case you should choose your dress to match the shoes and not the teddy jacket. You can achieve a different effect if you wear blue jeans and cowboy boots with your teddy jacket. Now you seem like the country girl who can be used to steal horses.

Handbag to match the teddy jacket

Your handbag should also match your jacket. As with the scarf, you can add fashionable accents and choose the handbag in a color contrasting color to the teddy jacket. A brown teddy jacket combined with a bright red handbag always looks funny. But you can also choose a handbag that complements the color of the teddy jacket. There is only one thing that your handbag should not be too small. A small and elegant ladies’ bag just doesn’t go well with the slightly rustic look of a teddy jacket. Medium-sized bags are better, in which a small umbrella can be stowed away in unsafe weather.

Fresh make-up for the teddy jacket

The teddy jacket is an item of clothing for autumn and winter and your make-up should also match the season. Since the skin is usually a bit paler in winter than in summer, you can help with a little blush. A lipstick in strong red or with light brown tones perfectly complements your style in the cold season.

Your eyebrows can stay natural this winter, because bushy eyebrows are all the rage this season. And bushy eyebrows also go perfectly with your fluffy teddy jacket. If you now rely on the classic smokey eyes for your eye make-up, nothing stands in the way of your perfect appearance in the cozy teddy jacket.

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