You’ll fall asleep very quickly

You'll fall asleep very quickly

Also, sometimes you ask yourself “Why can’t I sleep even though I’m tired?” Researchers have now discovered a trick that will make you fall asleep quickly

Scientists have discovered the perfect trick to sleep in istockphoto

© istockphoto
Scientists have discovered the perfect trick to sleep in istockphoto

Each of us has spent a waking night at one point or another when we just couldn’t sleep. Most of the time you roll restlessly from side to side, making it even worse. When warm milk with honey no longer helps and also this breath trick If it fails, another trick can help you fall asleep – scientists have now discovered that.

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Better not stay lying down

In a study by the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine Researchers observed the sleep behavior of 416 study participants for a year. They found that people who had trouble falling asleep and did something else ended up sleeping better than people who stayed in bed. In up to 80 percent of the cases it showed Get up method actually a positive effect. Dr. Michael Perlis, study author and director of the Penn Behavioral Sleep Medicine Program, said in an interview with “Real Simplefound that the study participants who got up again and read a book, for example, fell asleep again and slept better within an hour, while the participants who stayed in bed had significantly more problems falling asleep.

If you have trouble sleeping, just try to get up again. Perhaps you are one of the 80 percent who can fall asleep better this way. We’ll definitely take the tip into account. By the way: This DIY trick will help you find out if you’re getting enough sleep.


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