Your cream against dark circles comes from Germany

Your cream against dark circles comes from Germany

Anti-aging: Your cream against dark circles comes from Germany

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Anti-aging: Your cream against dark circles comes from Germany

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We immediately listen carefully: Jennifer Lopez (50) counts on annoying dark circles and unsightly bags under the eyes, according to “Marie Claire” eyeMATRIX Lifting Concentrate eye cream from Biotulin. The cream is purely plant-based and is from the brand that Duchess Kate, Michelle Obama, Madonna and Co. swear by. The effect should remind of botox and ensure immediately visible results around the eye. And all without a syringe!

After this insider tip, we immediately started looking – and found it: The eye lifting cream from Biotulin is even ten euros cheaper to buy here. So you too can follow Jennifer Lopez’s natural anti-aging tip and smooth out wrinkles effectively!

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Visible results in no time: why does this eye cream work so well?

The eyeMATRIX Augencreme uses the positive properties of Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil in connection with the patented combination of active ingredients Biotulin. This is a substance that mimics the effects of Botox with the help of plant extracts and can therefore refresh the skin within a very short time. This innovative mix ensures immediate and visible results: fewer wrinkles, more firmness and smoothness around the eye, day after day. The best: The eye lifting cream is odorless and is quickly absorbed into the skin without leaving a greasy film.

Star Favorite: Jennifer Lopez doesn’t seem the only fan

According to the Biotulin website, the products with a botox effect are extremely popular with the stars. The celebrity fans of the brand include Duchess Kate as well Michelle Obama, Madonna, Queen Letizia of Spain and Herzogin Meghan. All stars, who we envy for their apparently ageless skin! So there must be something to the promise of the biotulin formula.

The eye lifting cream from Biotulin is even ten euros cheaper to buy here.

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Hemp seed oil and spilanthol: these are contained in the eye cream

If there is one beauty ingredient to be read everywhere right now, it is hemp seed oil. The oil from the cannabis plant primarily has a nourishing effect on the skin and can have a smoothing effect – an important property in the fight against wrinkles. Another natural extract that is found in the eye cream is Spilanthol: a local anesthetic made from paracress that reduces muscle contraction and so relaxes your facial features. Small wrinkles, especially around the eyes and between the eyebrows, dissolve – this makes the skin visibly smoother. The hyaluronic acid contained additionally supports the effect of the eye cream.

Here you can buy the tip of the pop icon right away!

The singer trusts her make-up artist Scott Barnes blindly – he jets with her around the world and is responsible for her beautiful looks. So we can take some of his beauty advice to heart with confidence!

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