5 hot chocolates for adults

5 hot chocolates for adults

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Autumn is slowly setting in, and with it winter temperatures and rainy weather. In short, an ideal time to warm up around a good cup of hot chocolate … alcoholic! Here are 5 hot chocolate recipes revisited with Bailey’s, Grand Marnier, Whiskey, Kirsch and Rum.

Who said hot chocolates were the preserve of toddlers? By adding a few cl of bourbon or rum, the older ones will also claim their cup of hot chocolate at snack.

Hot chocolate with orange liqueur

Cointreau, Grand Marnier and other orange liqueurs combine wonderfully with the chocolate flavors of our drink. To make a hot chocolate with orange liqueur, prepare your drink as usual, then add 2 cl of alcohol. For the decoration, opt for some orange zest for the final touch.

Hot chocolate at Bailey’s

To make this comforting hot chocolate, mix 20 cl of hot milk with 3 teaspoons of cocoa (or 30 g of melted chocolate). Add 3 cl of whiskey cream and mix. For the greediest, place a few marshmallows above your cup.

Whiskey or bourbon hot chocolate

Prepare your hot chocolate preferred, and add 3 cl of bourbon or whiskey, depending on your preference. Before serving, have a little homemade whipped cream above, and voila.

Hot chocolate with rum

Heat 25 cl of milk infused with vanilla pods, then mix with 40 g of chocolate. Add 3 cl of dark rum and mix again, before serving hot. You like ?

Hot chocolate with Kirsch

This hot chocolate with kirsch is halfway between a classic hot chocolate and a Bavarian, the egg yolks less. To prepare it, mix 25 cl of hot milk with 30 g of chocolate and half a bag of vanilla sugar, until the mixture foams slightly. To enhance everything, pour 2.5 cl of Kirsch, and grate a few shavings of chocolate on the top of the hot drink. 3, 2, 1, enjoy!


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